Torstein and Pearce On The “O

Recent ASJ overall winner, Torstein Horgmo has recently parted ways with Arnette and inked a deal with Oakley for eyewear. Also making a move to the O is Burton shredder Kevin Pearce who came over from Scott goggles. Pearce also just dropped in on a new crib in Carlsbad California where he’ll be holding it down for the rest of the summer.

Other People Now Live In So Cal Too …

In more So Cal news, the infamous Jessie White was spotted at a popular Encinitas bar, and the rumors are true, he has returned. Leaving Vermont in the dust, Dirty White is now at home in cougar central, Laguna Beach. In other Burton/White/So Cal move news, Burton photographer/Shaun manager Adam Moran also relocated to So Cal to manage Shaun full time in his own zone.

Brittney Spears To Keep Talkin

The main filmer/editor for Under Par Productions has just informed us that, “Yes, Under Par Productions has worked out a deal with Britney Spears to help compose soundtrack for this years movie Keep Talkin’.” Well that sounds real nice and we can’t wait to get that playlist pumping through the TWS offices.

Best Name In Snowboarding

It’s unanimous in the TWS offices that SLC based Technine rider, Miami Heat has the best name in snowboarding. We’re not sure what his real name is yet, and we just found out his proper stage name is actually Miami Thunder, but we’re still claiming Heat for ’08. Look out for Miami in F.O.D.T.’s upcoming video, Cold World.

Drinking On The Job

A little bird we like to call John Cavan from Rome just told us that Rome rider Marius Otterstad blacked out in the Rome marketing offices during the editing of his part. He took provacitve pictures standing on the desk of owner Josh Reid and then passed out face down on the floor of the office where he was left sleeping until the morning when the staff showed up for work. We also heard a viciously awesome rumor that Rome might premiere their new flick, Any Means in TJ—bring on the tequila and the zonkies!

The Eddie Wall Update

Last time we saw Eddie Wall was at the Element skateboards premiere of their movie, This Is My Element, he was stoked as ever and as of then Eddie is renting out floor space from Element killers Tony Tave and Darrell Stanton up near LA somewhere.

More Sponsor Stuff

Kevin Pearce and Freddy Kalbermatten recently joined Nicolas Muller, Shaun White, Louie Fountain, Pat Moore, Eero Niemela, Elena Hight and Chanelle Sladics on the Adio footwear snow team.

Laura Hadar has sealed the deal with Artec teaming up with her former M4 homeys Gabe Taylor, Nima Jalali, Jake Devine, Johnny Miller and Gus Engle.

Nothing That Matters

And since in almost August and we have nothing else to talk about, here is a growing list of people we know who make more money than magazine editors and have iPhones.

Ian Ruhter
JP Walker
Roberta Rodger
Elena Hight
Darrell Mathes
Dustin Koop
Bryan Knox
Andreas Wiig, but we heard he had to return his due to a bunk battery.