Tiny Type (4/2/07)

Vans photographer, Tim Peare recently got on a flight from Reno to SLC and somehow lost his shoes or something, so he flew in snowboard boots and pants, through his phoenix connection and everything—good style, Tim. Last week Jacqui Berg’s hip was deemed 100% healed by her doctor a mere three months after breaking it on a wooden rail in Colorado. The gray haired-homey, Nate Bozung popped up back in New York and is chilling with his lady for the better part of spring and summer.

Electric Team Manager Creepy Cyle can do sick cross-rocket’s, and he got 670 text messages in February alone. In other TM news, Bryan Knox left his TM position at Vans to start as Team Director at The Program (Forum, Foursquare, Special Blend). The Bo Jackson of board sports, Shaun White just got the two-page opening spread in TransWorld SKATEboarding‘s June issue for Birdhouse.

The better part of the Volcom crew including Jamie Lynn, Guch, Erik Leines, Zac Marben, Louie Vito, Dan Brisse, Billy Anderson and a bunch more bros were all spotted all hungover and having sales meetings (shredding pow) at Snowbird last week.

Christy Chaloux loves trail mix real badly, and is now officially a Senior Photographer for us here at ol’ Tee Dub. Oh, and there’s this hippie store in the Sugar House area of SLC called Herbs and Health that sells these crystals that make you balance really well, and we think all the handrail kids should get them stat, but they’re like $150 a pop so you better get mad photo incentive. Lastly snow is melting hell of fast, so go snowboarding while you can. There will be plenty of days over summer when you’ll be wishing for the littlest patch of snow ever to shred on.