Tiny Type (1/29)

All right another week and another dose of the type, let’s just skip the b.s. and get right into to it. Longtime Oakley team rider Travis Rice has just signed a multi-year contract with Quiksilver, and will be running the full kit—apparel and accessories. Another big change this time from down under—Aussi, Torah Bright has left Salomon snowboards to go head to toe with Roxy, and has reportedly been real stoked on the Magne-Traction boards. Canadian killer Dustin Craven has been officially added to the ThirtyTwo and etnies teams. Another note from ThirtyTwo; Stian Solberg has been added to their apparel line. Nate Bozung has a pro model on the way with Mathematics Snowboards. Grenade’s four star general, Danny Kass is now seeing the world through Oakley goggles. Danbo also just swooped on a new dog, Big Vern. Chanelle Sladics is riding O-Matic boards.

Burton’s recently teamed up with the Andy Warhol foundation offering up a line of snowboards, boots, bindings, men’s and women’s outerwear, thermals and a travel bags.

Team videos are the new black—Stepchild, Rome, CAPiTA, and DC all have projects in the works. We hear that things are on the upswing at Academy, and that Mike Casanova will be getting a pro-model soon. Colin Langlois just dropped in on a condo in Carbondale, Colorado. When we said Louie Vito was on Nike we didn’t know they were making boots—they are.

In bummer news, a snowmobiler struck Doran Laybourne while snowboarding, resulting in a broken leg and cheekbone. DC rider, Norway’s Torstein Horgmo just broke his back riding the European Open course after the comp’ had been cancelled. Not to worry though, both dude’s are making swift recoveries and are well on there way back. Till next week, everyone keep it safe, and keep it real.