Three Days With… Jonas Carlson at the DC Mountain Lab

Jonas Carlson. Photo: Chris Wellhausen.

Good vibes might be hard to come by in this day and age, but Jonas Carlson is good-vibes ground zero. This ultra-chill, ultra-positive Swedish ripper has all the technical mastery of his Scandinavian forefathers mixed with a healthy dose of backcountry prowess and a little something wacky sprinkled on top--just for good measure. Here's a look into three days of Jonas systematically destroying every feature at DC's Park City Mountain Lab while filming for his part in Transworld's These Days and still finding plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life.--Jennifer Sherowski

I heard you quit snus. Is that true? If so, I'm totally shocked. I remember you with a snus in every waking moment--even some sleeping moments.
Yes, a year and a half ago. It's for sure been hard--I'm still kinda missing it. Stoked to be off it, though!

What's making you happy these days?
Maybe a latte in the morning that just tastes extra good. I'm excited about life in general--looking at it from a sweet angle, having friends around me, and makin' it happen.

What's stressing you out?
Life can be stressful sometimes. The situation on earth is bothering me--just so fucked up!

So what's the Mountain Lab all about?
The Lab is all about having fun in super mellow conditions and using your imagination. There're always a shitload of things you wanna do!

Well is it just somewhere for you guys to go have fun when you're in town or more of an official "team training grounds?"
For sure an official team training grounds [laughter]. It's just a perfect place to try stuff out and hang with bros--shooting or whatever!

Do you have a favorite Mountain Lab feature?
The staircase up-flat-down--way many opportunities to do stuff.

What's it like riding for DC? Did you get the diamond DC ring yet?
Wow, what to say? I don't wanna ride for anyone else--they're taking real good care of me. Sometimes Zack [DC Team Manager Zack Dalton] even makes us breakfast! It's just awesome--super rad people. But nope, no ring so far.

What song was listened to most often on your iPod during these three days?
"Steady Rollin'" by Two Gallants.

What are the top five things you spend your money on during the wintertime?
One: Starbucks. Two: Starbucks. Three: Starbucks. Four: Food. Five: A shitload of gas.

Who are your absolute favorite shreds to ride with?
The Transworld These Days crew, DC shredders, and CAPiTA dudes, for sure! I can't just pick a few.

Who is your biggest snowboarding influence?
Hmm, if I see something interesting, then I take it in--doesn't matter who it is. It really could be anyone. But some radical dudes are Travis Parker, Chad Otterstrom, and Devun Walsh.

What's the most scared you've ever been on your snowboard?
Any time I start thinking, is this even possible?! I like being scared sometimes, though--it reminds me about the danger. And the feeling afterwards is better.

What's the gnarliest thing you've ever seen someone do on a board with your own eyes?
When Robbie Walker got real f--ked up in the B.C. backcountry and I had to carry him down from the mountain. B.C. can be gnarly--it's so far to everything.

What's the most important lesson you've learned in life so far?
Always look at stuff from the bright side.

When was the last time you thought you were going to break under the pressure?
I never think that--I just go. I do need summer once in a while, though.