This One Time … The Sherowski Summercamp Blog #3

One of my favorite things about summercamp (besides crushing vertical) is seeing what’s hot—what brands kids are into and what trends take hold during those impressionable few weeks under the sun. You see, oftentimes campers show up at Mt. Hood with several hundred in cash ready to soak up some steez from the pros and camp employees. Say Scotty Arnold, who’s High Cascade Signature Session just ended, gets out of bed and decides to wear a T-shirt that reaches down to his knees, well then the next thing you know there’s a legion of little shredlets in tall tees up on the hill. Which brings me to my first notable trend, tall tees, ghetto gowns, et cetera et cetera. We all knew they were big this winter but no one could be sure if they’d make it to summercamp. Well they did. I can’t say I understand it. I mean your butt gets wet, you look like a bell with your little legs sticking out going ding dong ding dong. It’s just a lot of material, ya know. But to each their own.

Anyway, as I was lurking on the sidelines I overheard a highly entertaining conversation between an unassuming coach and an overzealous camper. This camper, who mentioned several times that he himself was sponsored, would not accept the fact that the coach in question was not “sponsed.’ It was a heated debate that went on for nearly a dozen minutes. The general flow went something like this:

Camper: Who are you sponsored by?

Coach: Nobody.

That’s B.S., who are you sponsored by?

Nobody! I’m sponsored by myself.

I know you’re sponsored by someone, why wont you tell me?

Don’t worry about it.

And so on and so forth. Pretty amazing really because the thing is that the kid was right, the coach was sponsored and the camper could smell it on him like some police narcotics dog. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Anyhow, let’s see, stripes are hot. Oh, and fixed-gear track bikes à  la Portland bike messenger. There’re also a litany of companies that are crushing it along Main Street. P Water, for instance, a bottled water company started by High Cascade co-owner Preston Strout and Cobra Dogs founder Cory Grove. I’ve never seen so many kids into drinking water, simply because of its catchy yellow label and brilliant marketing lingo that seems to sum up the fact that bottled water is simply future pee. I’m telling you, moms across America should thank Preston and Cory personally for cutting down on their kids’ soda pop induced cavities. Grenade has opened a new store on the streets of Government camp, as well, and the amount of cash I saw exchange hands during the five minutes I was in there blew me away. I’m not ripping on this—it’s cool to see snowboarder-run businesses supported, that’s what makes our little world go round. I’m just honestly a little baffled that some of these things actually take hold, but I’m backin’ it! Kids really are seriously dropping dollars on P Water sweatpants printed with yellow UV ink in the crotch area so when the sun comes out it looks like you peed yourself! Amazing!!!!!