This One Time … The Sherowski Summercamp Blog #2

Not every summer day at Mt. Hood is a sunny one. Sometimes (especially during the “early summer like now) it’s cold and stormy and the glacier is completely lost in the clouds. This is known as the infamous “rain day. However, sometimes it’s just partially stormy with moments of freezingness and flat light combined with dramatic cloud breaks that blast fleeting beams of sunshine down onto you. Yesterday was the latter, and I must say, these unsettled days tend to be more awesome in their beauty than the straight-out sunny ones—although everyone likes a little sunshine to light their way when it comes to boardin’.

Aaannnnyyyyway, this post is dedicated to the all the sweet terrain features littering the glacier right now. While last week I mostly walked around, shot photos, and shot the shit, this week I actually rode, and man, it’s fun up there! What I’m trying to say is that there’s a ton of shit to ride, including jumps of different shapes and sizes, jibs of every manor—including boxes and rails and wallrides and wooden bonking thingies, oh and lots of hips. Also, the pipes are bangin’. There’re several of them of different shapes and sizes, including superpipes and High Cascade’s famed “mini pipe that rocks about 8-10 foot walks with tight trannies a la 1995, so fun!!

Yeah, the pipes are in primo condition right now. Any earlier, and they might be too narrow—taco like, you know, and any later and there might be an overabundance of flat bottom. Of course, the public pipe is already suffering from a bit too much flat bottom. It’s kind of a big saucer. As Todd Richards said on our first run through it, “You could take a vacation in between those walls! I just got kinda bored and bee-lined it for the lift. Oh well.

I have to admit that my own life-hardened relationship with snowboarding dictates a partiality for making hot laps on the chairlift rather than hiking one thing all day until reduced to a sweaty pile of wet gear and sunburn. Sometimes you just want to cruise and go fast, ya know? Since the lift servicing the Palmer Glacier is open until 1:30 p.m. each day, hotlapping is totally fair game all morning. However, after 1:30 you’re forced to hike, at which time I generally settle down, using my board as a bench, and proceed to poach snacks from those around me. As I poached the snacks of TransWorld’s Joe Carlino, we watched the legions of little people, both young and old, trudging up with looks of purpose on their faces. “I’m not into hiking one feature like that over and over again, said Joe. “Me neither, I agreed. “But I think I used to think that was fun. But anyway, who cares what we think?