This Month Online

This Month Online

Hopefully you got on-snow over Thanksgiving–maybe you were with the bros at Wolf Creek or Targhee. Cobwebs are a bitch, I know. Early season is when your friends who “exercise” smoke you so bad that you consider making up something like a cramp or a blister. Adjusting your bindings is always a good way to sneak a breather–they're just never tight enough, are they?

Well, there's another, easier way to enjoy snowboarding. It's called, and it doesn't hurt a bit.

January Features

Early-season hardpack and this issue's Seven Steps To Isolation story are enough to get almost anyone packing for whiter pastures. Online, you'll find a complete guide to helicopter snowboarding operations in North America. On a good day you can ride more powder than you could during a whole season of resort doggin'. Save up, and do this before you die.

•Contests are coming up. By mid December, the big guns will be battling it out, literally risking life and limb, just to tell chicks they're sponsored. There's no place like the TWS Web site to find up-to-the-minute results and news about snowboarding–no place.

•Message boards: We never look at these, but others seem to live by them. If you've got a question, a gripe, or you're lonely but not desperate enough scroll through, message up. The threads run deep.