A 10,000-dollar purse for an am event? Aren’t kids supposed to walk with some Bakoda and an oversized T-shirt stoked? Now, Volcom’s dishing out a summers worth of candy/soda/videogame money.

This weekend was the ender-ender of the Volcom Peanut Butter And Rail Jam-the first ever finals. You’d think by the end of a seven-month season (with six weeks still to go at Mammoth) us TWS lurkers might be a little spectated out. I thought so, too, until the ams started tackling the rail setup under the judging of Eric Leines, Pat Moore, and Chris Demolski. Seth Huot bustled around the course videotaping for a live feed over Volcom.com. The competitors were relentless.

Jamie Anderson showed up to win it for the girls; she put on more of a demo. She reminds me of Janna Meyen circa The Garden years-young and just plain old good. Canadian rail prodigy Jeremy Cloutier got after it, moving from left to right systematically slaying every rail in sight. He combo-combo’d each rail and didn’t even so much as drag a hand on the landings.

Most competitors just chilled in the competition corral at the bottom of Mammoth by the sun deck checking out each other’s heats and heckling. Volcom put out a spread of PBJ fixin’s and upped the ante with a barbeque, a dj, and a beanbag snuggle zone. No doubt, the next generation is definitely here-all they’re missing is a catchy marketing phrase.

Look below for two sequences that TWS Photo Editor Nick Hamilton captured. Now, go duke it out on the message boards over which one is more radical.

Top Girls:
1. Jamie Anderson
2. Kristen Sietz

Fifteen And Under:
1. Jesse Delgrosse $2000
2. Madison Marchuk $1000
3. Sage Kotsenburg $500
4. Eric Cianci
5. Zak Hale
6. Greg Bretz
7. Nash Lejeunesse
8. Zac Fear
9. Spencer Link
10. Addison Vold

Sixteen And Over:
1. Jeremy Cloutier $2000
2. Austin Hironaka $1000
3. Tim Neslon $500
4. Matt Moriarty
5. Zach Shepard
6. Brad Dohnal
7. Jesmund Dubeau
8. Kevin Rasmussen
9. Spencer Swalberg
10. Aaron Faymor

Open Division Results:
1. James Thorne $2000
2. Gregory Bokencamp $1000
3. Krister Ralles$500
4. Jed Anderson
5. Spencer Davis
6. Sandy Wright
7. Steve Cartwright
8. Scott Vine
9. Zac Marben
10. Lucas Magoon

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