The Ultimate Boarders

The Ultimate Boarder competition checked off the first stop yesterday at Bear Mountain. This is the second year for the new event that draws a mix of old school riders and current pros. The sunny spring course consisted of a kicker with a 25-foot or 40-foot tee (which saw a cab 10 from Bjorn and a 9 from Todd Richards), the kicker led into a hip, into an up box, and a down wall, or a rail into the pipe. Some notable riders on the course were skaters Omar Hassan and Tosh Townend, surfers Christian Fletcher, John John Florence, and Cheyne Magnusson, and snowboarders Dave Downing and Todd Richards.

The scene on the hill was all Dave Duncan’s smoked-out voice, rock-n-roll blasting, and senders like Mugs McGuinness off the hip here.

1. Kurt Wastell
2. Shayne Pospisil
3. Chad Shetler

These guys are in pole position for winning the ultimate baorder, but there’s still two comps to go. Wastell still has it for sure—shoulda seen his run through the pipe, and he’s got the skate skill, but can he surf? Shayne could be a contender for the title, he grew up on the Jersey shore surfing, but can he skate? And finally, skater Chad Shetler surprised the field by taking third in the snow comp.

This year a team division was introduced so boarders could participate in the event without having to huck it in all three classes. Bjorn jumped in on Team Hosoi along with Christian Hosoi and Tom Curren for yesterday's win. Sounds like a winning team.

1. Bjorn Leines/Team Hosoi
2. Greg Bokencamp/Team Val Surf
3. Tyler Flanagan/Team Volcom

The comp now moves to Ventura for the surf and skate events.
April 7 – 9th: Stage 2 – Surf , C Street, Ventura
April 10: Stage 3 – Skateboarding, Ventura County Fairgrounds

You can follow along at or see the show on Fuel TV June 22 at 8 p.m.