Stian Solberg did the industry rounds down here in the southernreaches of California recently and swung by the T-dub office. Wecaught up on all things shredded, went out for tacos, grumbled about the traffic and heat and agreed on being glad about our proximity to the ocean. It was a nice visit. Kids got a good head on his shoulders, and not a bad pair of jumping legs either. But, before long Stian had to bounce, back to Norway to get a little rest before charging headlong into another ten months of travel. First stop: New Zealand. And so it goes for today’s itinerant shredsters on the come up.

Age: 21.

Sponsors: Stepchild, 32, etnies, Union Bindings, Defcon, Dragon, Active.

What’s your home mountain?

Geilo, Norway. It’s between Bergen (West coast) and Oslo (East coast) and it’s super easy to get to. I used to go to school there and that’s where all my friends ride. It feels like home.

Favorite place to shred in the states?

Tahoe because you have easy access to the backcountry, and if it’s shitty out you can hit up super good parks like Northstar, Alpine, Squaw or Sierra.

Who have you been filming with?

I filmed with Defective films for their upcoming movie, Child Support. Look out for it dropping in September.

Ideal crew to shred with?

Knut Eliassen, Markku Koski, and a bunch of my friends from back home. It’s always the best when you ride with people you haven’t seen for a long time.

Favorite terrain to shred?

A perfect park is the best thing, but I’ve been having a lot of fun in the backcountry the last two years, so I’m really looking forward to next season and more powder.

Best pow day last winter?

It was in the middle of March and the backcountry was ruined because it was so hot, but we still went up and built the smallest jump over a little gap, which me, Joe (Sexton) and Knut jumped a little bit. We ended up getting a little one-footer that’s in the movie.

What’s something you learned last winter?

I learned that the cops in the states are quick to pull you over for speeding it’s not even funny. And also that McDonalds is a way safer choice for fast food since they’ve been sued so many times they have to ensure that their food is safe.

What? McDonalds, really?

Yeah, last season I got food poisoning after eating at In-n-Out. I loved that place and I was so bummed, man. Knut was like ‘dude you’ve got to get back on the horse,’ but I’m not like that. I had to cross that place off my list now.

Where’d you travel last season?

Well I got a Nissan Titan and ended up driving 9000 miles during my four months of filming. I was just going back and forth between Salt Lake city, Park City, Colorado, Tahoe, Bear Mountain and Mammoth all winter.

Any tickets yet?

Yeah I got a speeding ticket within 24 hours of getting my truck, and a parking ticket, but that’s it.

What is something no one knows about your brother?

No one knows he used to rollerblade and ice skate when he was younger. That was a long time ago. He wasn’t very good though and he gave it up fast.

Did you look up to him when you were learning how to snowboard?

Oh yeah, he’s taught me everything. He’s the one who taught me how to snowboard. I used to ski, but he kept telling me I should snowboard. Our dad was a ski instructor and he’d take us up to the mountain and we’d go skiing all the time, then JP started snowboarding and eventually I tried it.

Are you and your brother competitive when it comes to shredding?

No, not at all. We never really get to ride together, so when we do, we just ride and have fun. It’s a blast riding with him!

How often do you get to shred together?

Actually I only saw him once last winter. We rode Bear Mountain for a day. I really only get to see him when we’re both in Norway around New Years. It’s pretty random if we meet up.

Who are your influences?

My brother, Wille Yli-Luoma, Romain DeMarchi and my friends from back home

Most underrated rider?

Joe Sexton. He takes the rocker style to a whole new level. Yeah, I’ve given Joe so much crap about his style, but really, he’s an amazing rail rider. Just wait for the Stepchild movie to come out, then you’ll will see what I mean.

Most overrated rider?

Anybody who does bomb drops for a living.

Coolest scene in snowboarding?

The Scandinavian scene. It’s so mellow compared to here. In America it’s all soccer moms driving their kids to the hill hoping they become the next Shaun White or something. It’s weird. I think Americans need to chill. Back home everyone just goes snowboarding for fun. It’s just so much mellower there. People realize that snowboarding isn’t everything, you know, it’s a big part of life for sure, but they (Scanners) don’t let it take over their lives.

What are your plans for the rest of summer?

My summer plans are to go home in a few days and stay home for ten days, then I’m heading down to New Zealand for a 32 trip. That’s going to be sick. After that maybe spend some more time in So. Cal unwinding in the sun before the season. It all depends on how the weather is back home too. If it’s sunny In Norway, there’s no place I’d rather be.

What do you miss about Norway?