The sisters O’Brien are from Vancouver Island. They grew up in the mountains and it shows in their riding. Both possess a preternatural ability to shred. They come from a family of snowboarders and still get the chance to ride together a couple times a season.

Like all siblings they have their similarities and differences, their disagreements and differences in style and they laugh and smile a lot when they’re together.

What’s your home mountain?

M (Meghann): Mt. Cain on Vancouver Island.

S (Spencer): It’s where we learned to snowboard, but I don’t really remember it, I just remember the lodge because they had this Barbie doll snowboarder that I really wanted.

When did you two start snowboarding?

M: We skied first but I started snowboarding when I was twelve.

S: Yeah I think I was twelve when I started too. I had the choice to start snowboarding or get into competitive skiing, so I started snowboarding because it’s what my sisters did and I thought they were cool.

And your dad snowboards too right?

S: Yeah He taught us all how to snowboard and now I’d say he snowboards more than all of us.

M: Yeah, he charges. He’s 56 but still hits all the jumps in the park. And last winter he overshot a jump at Whistler and dislocated his shoulder.

What’s your dad’s name?

S: Brian O’Brien, funny huh? (laughs) Yeah my dad’s getting mad play. Burton loves that he snowboards. And it always gets brought up in interviews, but it’s cool because he’s always stoked when we talk about him.

What do you two do during the summer?

M: I’ve been going commercial fishing with my dad in Prince Rupert, British Columbia for the last couple summers. My dad’s a really good fisherman so it’s always a good way to make a bit of money. So I usually do that for July and August.This summer I also taught myself how to weave baskets from tree bark.

S: Yeah, it was so rad this summer I got an e-mail from her that said ‘Hey, I’m catching lots of fish, I learned how to basket weave and I’m picking lots of berries, I know you probably don’t think it’s very cool, but I’m really into it and I’m really excited.’ (laughs). I’m not as exciting as Meghann I just coached at snowboard camp, at Camp of Champions and I hung out in Vancouver and then I went to Australia for a Burton catalog shoot.

What was your best pow day last winter?

M: Mt. Hood Meadows in mid-February. That place is fun.

S: Mine was in Whistler in March, I made it all the way in to the spot without getting my sled stuck and we hit this pretty fun jump.

Spencer, you got hurt last spring right?

S: Yeah it was right after the U.S. Open. I dislocated and fractured my shoulder. We were hitting this jump with a pretty small landing, and I tried to back three it and I came up a little bit short. And nobody I was with knew how to put shoulders back in so we had to call a helicopter and it was like five hours before it was back in place.

And how long were you out from the injury?

S: Three months, maybe three and a half.

So you and your dad had the same injury?

Yeah, it was kind of funny, same shoulder and everything. I called him from the helicopter and was like, “Dad guess I get to join the club,(laughs).

What’s your favorite place in the world?

S: Well besides Canada, I’d say Japan, yeah Japan is really cool.

M: Yeah I really haven’t been too many places, but I really like the Prince Rupert area in British Columbia, and Switzerland and Greece are really cool too.

What are you two doing this fall?

S: I’m just going to be on Vancouver Island rehabbing my shoulder and then I’m going to do a couple tour stops with the Burton movie, oh and I’m going to go to Girl Talk in Calgary.

M: I’m going to be on Vancouver Island. My uncle is starting to carve a totem pole so I’m going to learn how to do that.

And plans for the winter?

S: Well we’ll have to see what the weather does buut hopefully Colorado early season and then I’m going to do the contest circuit and then film again with Runway.M: Yeah I’ll probably be in Mammoth at the beginning of the season and then who knows, hopefully film with the Float crew again.

When did you think, “I can do this for a job,?

S: I guess it was after the U.S. Open in 2006. (She took second place in the slopestyle).

M: Well, I saw that Spencer was doing it and figured I could too.

S: Yeah, classic older sister, (mocking Meghann) ‘Oh yeah, well if she can do it why can’t I?’ (Laughs)