Our offices are busier than the DMV these days. Shredders from near and far converge this time of year in our part of the world to take a break from the mountains, catch some tasty waves, soak up some sun and stop by the TransWorld offices for a round of high fives, and a fresh armful of all the latest issues.

Canadian sensation Simon Chamberlain is no exception to that rule. Ol’ boy rolled through the other day and after a healthy surf sesh we got a chance to catch up with him on filming for Child Support, making the move off DC, the future of Nomis, and everything else we figured you’d need to know about the silky smooth shredder. Read on.

Where exactly are you from in Canada?

I grew up in a small town called Lindsay, in Ontario. Then I moved to Whistler when I was seventeen and now I live in Squamish.

How long have you been riding?

Twelve years now.

Where did you grow up riding at?

I grew up riding at Mt. St Louis/Moonstone.

Where are you usually riding these days?

Whistler/Blackcomb pretty much everyday that I’m home, and Bear Mtn. when I get the chance—that place rules man.

How did you get involved with Stepchild?When I was like seventeen I got a call from Sean Johnson and he asked if I wanted to ride for them. I saw something in that company that I didn’t see in any other company out there, so I was hyped. Then I was like let’s do this, and I fell in love with the brand and I’ve been riding for them for about six years now.

What sets Stepchild apart from other board companies?

Well it’s about friendship and hard work more than anything else. It’s still a small brand and everyone who’s apart of it are homeys and we all work super hard to make it what it is. To me it’s the most real snowboard company out there. Everyone who’s apart of it loves to snowboard and that’s the bottom line, so that makes a snowboard company real.

Where did you end up filming this year for Child Support?

A filmed a bunch in Canada, California, and that’s pretty much it.

Anything in particular we should watch out for in that movie?

Just watch out for the whole thing because it’s going to be sick and it’s coming out soon.

What’s your current sponsor list, who’s paying the bills?

Nomis, Stepchild, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Dragon, Vestal, Drop, Bear Mountain, and Active.

How did Nomis come about?

My Brother and I started it in high school and it just evolved. It’s going crazy right now and I’m so stoked on how well it’s being accepted. Everyone seems to be pumped on it, so that’s a blessing for sure, man.

You left DC right around when they started making power moves, after you had been their main guy for a while. Why did you ultimately decide to leave?

Well it was hard for me for sure; I love DC and what they did for me—that company is amazing, man. But yeah, it came down to it when Nomis wanted to start doing outerwear. I wanted to make that happen with them, and I knew that DC was going to start making boards too, so I just wanted to stick to the companies that I’m so involved in and have no conflicts. But yeah, it’s all good and there are no hard feelings, man, so I’m stoked.

If you could pick one person to be on Stepchild regardless of current sponsors, who would it be?

JP Walker because he has been my favorite rider since I was super young and he’s help change snowboarding to what it is today.

We’ve heard rumors of a Nomis outerwear line on the way. Any truth to that?

It’s coming for sure, we’ve been working on it lately and yeah it’s coming, so hopefully you’re stoked on it.

What kind of music are you into these days?

Everything, I like it all.

If you weren’t snowboarding for a living what do you think you’d be doing?

Trying to snowboard for a living.

What would your perfect day on hill be?

Pow for the first half of the mountain then a Bear Mtn. box line to the boottom.

What have you been up to over summer?

I coached at Camp of Champions, for three weeks, then I went to High Cascade for a few days, and now I’m here in San Diego for a few days doing ad photo shoots.

Where are you headed from here?

I’m going back to Ontario to go Fishing with my dad for a week.

If you could have one trick on lock what would it be?

Cab 9s

What’s one trick people should stop doing?

If it looks wack don’t do it. That’s what I think, you can do any trick just make it look dope you know.