The TWS Drive By: Justin Bennee

Bennee just wrapped up another winter filming with the misty Absinthe crew and rolled by the office on the So Cal tour with the infamous J2, while Tooz was helping round out a little somthin’ somethin’ for the MDPeople movie. We rapped with Justin real quick like about his new deal with Nike, his trip under the Iron Curtain with the Technine crew, and a bunch of other stuff that you’ll be reading in a split second.

What’s really good?

What’s really hood?

We just got the new XXX flavor of Vitamin Water in the office, that’s pretty hood right now. How was your season filming with Absinthe?

Lets just say Mother Nature had our back this year.

Where’d you guys go to shoot?

Denver, New York, SLC, Russia, and a few other super secret zones.

How crazy was your trip to Russia?

Crazy is an understatement. That shit was wild as fuck, don’t get me wrong though, the whole experience was amazing. It took some getting used to and I’m not sure if I ever got used to it. Its good to come home from a trip and know how privileged I am to live where I’m at.

Who was on that crew?

Deadlung, Stevie, Tommi, Yan Dofin, Cole Taylor, E-Stone, Muzzey, and myself.

What kind of riding are you into these days?

I’m into natural type shit, something that doesn’t look like you spent three hours to just to hit, but I’m a have to say that there’s nothing better than riding the ‘bird with all my homeys on a pow day.

Who are you usually riding with?

I ride with Matty, Nate, MFM, Mikey and Phildo. But when I’m just cruising then I’m usually with Deadlung, Biittner, and I don’t know whoever--sometimes solo status.

What’s going down with Nike right now?

They’re making boots and outerwear. I’ll be riding both when the shit drops. Don’t get it confused with 6.0 though ’cause it’s completely different--they’re gonna change the game.

Are you running samples yet, or have you seen any of the line?

I’m not on samples quite yet, however I’ve seen what’s coming and all I’m going to say is that people are going to bug out.

What are you up to in So Cal right now?

Just hangin’. I’m on J2’s program for the moment since I’m not old enough to rent a car, and because I don’t think I’d be too happy trying to find my way around, but I got a backpack and am just kind of doin’ whatever happens, you know?

What’s your favorite kind of beer?

Red Stripe, or Pabst.

Why is it so damn hot in Utah in the summer?

I don’t know, what do I look like?

What are your warm-up tricks?

Whatever trick I think I’m not going to get played out on.

What’s one trick that people should stop doing?

My ex-girlfriend.