The TWS Drive By: Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek is a strapping young Norwegian lad. The first time we’d seen or heard of him was when he and the rest of his Forum youngblood cohorts slaughtered the game of PIG at the TWS Team Challenge at Heavenly this past April.

Ek’s just landed stateside for the infamous magazine tour--it’s a right of passage for any young up and comer. The rookie Norseman came through with recently appointed Forum/Blend/Foursquare boss, Bryan Knox to meet the crew and check out the digs. Is Ek the new Andreas? Here’s what we found out.

Where is home for you?

Oslo, Norway.

What’s your home mountain?

Trysil in Norway.

What’s favorite place in the States to ride?

Probably Breckenridge, Colorado.

Who are you riding for?

Forum, Special Blend, Electric, DVS, and Matix.

What’s your favorite type of riding?

Any kind of riding is fun.

Who are you usually riding with?

When I’m back home I ride with all my homeys--Mr. TNT, Josefsen, Benson Hoofgaard and all my other homeys. But I’ve been riding a lot with the Forum team the last months.

How’s it riding with the Forum crew?

It’s a sick crew and I’m super stoked to ride with those dudes. They push me to ride way harder.

How long have you been on Forum now?

I’ve been on Forum for about two and a half years now.

What do you think of California?

It’s great man, I went surfing over here for the first time--so fun.

What do you think of the beach? Looks like you got some sun ...

The beach here is sick--best beach on the planet! But yeah we were their yesterday hanging out and tanning, and it was cloudy out so we didn’t put any sun cream on and I am so burn right now.

How was Mt. Hood and the ASJ?

Mt. Hood was a lot of fun. I got to see so many people that I only see once a year, and people were killing it at ASJ!

What else did you get into this winter?

I went to The Artic Challenge, the TWS Team Challenge, Super Park, and I’ve been filming some shit for the new Special Blend project that will be on iTunes in September. I’ve also been taking some pictures with Cole (Barash) the Forum photographer.

Do you have any more plans for the summer?

Just take a break for a bit, skate and hang with my girlfriend. I’m headed back home tomorrow.