During the three-hour session, riders hiked to get warmed up, many of them hurting from four straight days of practice—maybe too much practice, according to Finnish rider Antti Autti. The entire U.S. halfpipe team rode today. Andy Finch tested boards of different flexes to see if they would affect his mending foot.

Four riders have landed 1260s, but Shaun and Mason consistently put down the best runs. Danny Kass shifted into second gear today and will rise to Sunday’s occasion in typical, couldn’t-give-a-shit style.

Word is that most of the riders will do it all again tomorrow. By the end of the session each rider will hope to have two runs dialed—a qualifying run and a finals run. A couple of riders have finals options, too.

Sunday’s contest will start with a qualifying round. The top six from each of two runs will qualify for the finals for both men and women. Judging from the week of riding, all eight U.S. halfpipe riders should make the finals.

The finals are a best-of-two-run format. Top riders will do their finals run and, if they land it clean the first time, they’ll up it from there, adding an extra rotation.

Check back for opening ceremonies shots. Gotta jam to catch the train.