The Rider’s Union Grand Opening

Mike Basich and Jason How’s teamed up to create a snow, skate, art shop in Colfax, California coming this fall. The grand opening is Saturday, September 25th, with a Robot Food Movie Premier of Afterlame to kick off the weekend. Come and check out a unique shop. In direct support of the riders we’re carrying product only designed be riders so you know your buying something worth buying, as well art by riders, historical photos for sale in benefit of Boarding for Breast Cancer.

This is a shop that will support all the top pros direct to keep them on the mountain doing what they live for. So come and join us for our grand opening and be a part of a union that we all live for. The movie premier will be on the evening of the 27th two showings 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Colfax Theater. Please check our website for full details. The Premier will be followed by a party at the shop to raffle off boards, swag, and a chance to meet some of the top pros.

Supporting Photographers include: Trevor graves, Grant Brittain, Scott Sullivan, Jeff Baker, Mike Basich, Adam Clark, Chris Carnel, Jon Foster, Beth Lockhart, Josh Thompson, Kevin Zacher, Shem Roose, and growing …