The RIDE Shakedown Goes Stateside!

 Montreal, September 23, 2009 – Great news: the RIDE Shakedown will now be referred to in the plural, since the famous world-class snowboard event, which was and will always be held in Quebec, has now exported its totally unique concept south of the border. In fact, on March 12 and 13, 2010, the very first American edition of the RIDE Shakedown will thrill audiences at Seattle's Summit atSnoqualmie located 45 east of Seattle. It will be followed on April 2 and 3 at Mont Saint-Sauveur by the 9th Quebec edition of the happening, which is the largest snowboard event in Canada. Winners will share $70,000 in prize money, i.e. $35,000 for each of the two competitions.
 "We are obviously very proud to offer the American public an unusual snowboard experience. Over the past eight years, the RIDE Shakedown's unique format has proven most successful, and we are all very eager to give the people of Seattle an eyeful," states Patryck Bernier, co-founder of Dizzle Entertainment and organizer of the RIDE Shakedown. 
Seattle, hometown of RIDE Snowboards
The launch of the first U.S. edition of the RIDE Shakedown came to fruition through the collaborative efforts of title sponsor Ride Snowboards, based in Seattle, and a driver in the industry since 1992. 
 "It means a lot to us to bring Shakedown to our backyard and give international exposure to one of our top regional resorts," said Scott Mavis, RIDE Snowboards' brand director. "Last winter at Mont Saint-Sauveur, we saw first-hand how several of the industry's major players literally fell in love with the event. A less-formal format and fun atmosphere makes it a highly desired competition for athletes and a lifetime experience for fans." 
A RIDE Shakedown in Europe?
"Thanks to the arrival of a highly active principal partner on the international scene, i.e. RIDE Snowboards, we can seriously contemplate expanding our activities worldwide. The aspirations of our two organizations are complementary and we are already looking into the possibility of staging a European edition of the RIDE Shakedown as early as 2011," explains Brendan O'Dowd, co-founder of Dizzle Entertainment and organizer of the RIDE Shakedown, adding: "In fact, that's why, as of this winter, we will continue to raise the international profile of the event through increasing webcasts and telecasts." 
RIDE Shakedown's unique format
While there are many snowboarding events in the U.S., the RIDE Shakedown stands out by virtue of its unparalleled competition format. Its concept: a relaxed, festive happening with minimal restrictions on athletes. Taken to the very heart of the action, spectators are treated to a thrilling competition of the highest caliber, which nonetheless remains highly accessible. The lines are blurred between pros, amateurs and locals who experience the event.
 At the RIDE Shakedown, athletes, both male and female, will take part in a competition that demands a mastery of two different disciplines: the big air and a rail jam featuring a rail with different textures revealed only on the first day of competition. The unveiling of the Shakedown's best-kept secret is highly anticipated by both visitors and participants, who must adjust their strategies accordingly. The one-of-a-kind rail, designed by Bernier and his business partner Brendan O'Dowd, promises to astound with thrilling, high-altitude performances.  
 Athletes have two hours to perform two judged runs, announcing them before they carry them out under the watchful eye of industry players. There is no pre-determined order, as riders perform when they feel ready, a unique competition format appreciated by all those involved. Large purses are awarded to the best athletes.  
 About RIDE Snowboards
For passionate snowboard enthusiasts of all ages, Ride represents an uncompromised, fun-at-all-costs approach to life. Founded in Redmond, Washington, in late 1992, Ride hit the market with a vision – to create a snowboard company for the people, built upon technical innovation, superior quality and living the dream. Today, based in Seattle, Ride continues to stay true to its original goals. For Ride, it's not about being the biggest; it's about being the best at what they do. For the latest on the 2009/10 Collection, visit .
 DIZZLE Entertainment, architects of the RIDE Shakedown
The two founders and partners of DIZZLE Entertainment, Brendan O'Dowd and Patryck Bernier, have been providing event-oriented design, marketing and management services since 2004. Over time, they have added to these. They now provide services as athletes' agents and consultants on the design and creation of snowboard parks. In 2009, DIZZLE's roster of major achievements include the design, marketing and management of the snowparks of the Mont Saint-Sauveur International Group, the ZONE 514 snowboard park of Montreal's Société du Parc Jean-Drapeau, the Shakedown Snowboard Camp, the Metal Mission-Golden Bowl retailers' challenge as well as various launches related to the action sports industry.   For additional information, go to: and .