The Revival Movie Premiere

A.S.R. San Diego

Whitey took a year off in between movies; The Kingpin Chronicles came out in ’97 and The Revival debut took place at the Alphanumeric party on Friday, September 10, 1999.

Whitey’s movie was the bomb for the following reasons:

One: True to Kingpin Production form (Whitey was responsible for one of the best movies ever, Sexual Chocolate, and contributed to some of the Whiskey vids) Whitey wrote in short skits that intertwined between rider parts. The opening two sequences included Chad Otterstrom and Kurt Wastell in a loose take on John Travolta’s opening scene from Saturday Night Fever. Chad and Kurt look as at home in their pimp-and-ho gear as they do on the snow. Scotty Whittlake may be a new name to a lot of us, but his section and the milk shake in Blaise Rosenthal’s face made him stand out.

Two: Ali Goulet, Mikey LeBlanc, and Shannon Dunn had large parts too. All of these riders make it look so damn easy. Instead of having a single crash segment, The Revival took a more true to life angle and included some gnarly crashes during the riders’ segments, reminding us that even the best of them eat shit sometimes.

Three: At 41 minutes the video could have been too long if there hadn’t been a perfect mix of pipe, rails, kickers, powder, music, and lifestyle/skits. But there was.

Selema “Sal” Masekela helped keep the party going after the movie was over, giving shout outs to Travis Parker who was busting some slick moves out on the dance floor. Ali and J2 were cruisin’ together; Todd Richards, Tara Dakides, Tonino Copene, Jason McAlister, and Marcus Egge were also hanging out. Marc Frank looked great and is feeling healthy, and at 1:00 in the morning Andrew Crawford still hadn’t run out of energy.