A feat of almost unbelievable proportions took place on Saturday, September 24, 2005. Mammoth Lakes saw the official opening of the 45,000 square-foot concrete Volcom Brothers skatepark in memory of Jeffy Anderson. Built by the Grindline crew who are also responsible for legendary parks like Orcas Island and West Linn, the Brothers Park is the first of its kind in California.

Growing up in Mammoth, riders and brothers Jeffy and Billy Anderson had tried for years to make their dream of a local skatepark a reality. When Jeffy died in a tragic accident in 2003, the Anderson-Baer family took up the torch. The fundraising brought an amazing outpouring from Jeffy’s former sponsors and the snowboarding community, with Volcom leading the way proving, although it may have gone public, it’s family values haven’t changed.

The park dedication was actually a weekend long event, or if you were camped out at the Volcom campsite (dubbed Burning Man), then it was even longer. Friday night saw an auction of artwork with large canvases based around Burton’s UnInc. series created by Jeffy, David Carrier-Porcheron, Gigi Rüf, Romain De Marchi, and JP Solberg.

At 2:00 p.m. Saturday, the dedication ceremony began with heartfelt speeches given by Jane and Ken Baer, Billy Anderson, and Volcom’s Richard Woolcott among others. Burton’s Blotto handed out t-shirts with the UnInc. philosophy statement, reading “I Am … then the wearers filled in the rest. That action alone revealed more personal information than some of us needed to know!

After the speeches, the park opened to an impressive turnout — Darren Naverrette, Matt Dove, Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins, Tony Hawk, Peter Hewitt, Wee Man, Omar Hassan, Grosso, Aaron Suski, even Geoff Rowley was cruising around. Local snow shedders Eddie Wall, Colin Langois, Kirk Short, Kevin Casillo, Lane Knaack, and Burton riders Romain, DCP, Gigi, JP, and Mason Aguirre were also in the mix, dodging each other, and small children.

The rest of the day consisted of BBQ and beer, with shared stories and memories of Jeffy. Later that night, the industry threw a party with Agent Orange, J.F.A, and Clay Wheels playing to a standing room only crowd. 1:30 a.m. rolled around and everyone was physically forced out of the bar, beer soaked, hugging each other, with more than a few “I love you, mans thrown out for good measure. It couldn’t have been a better weekend—-one that would’ve made Jeffy proud.

The park is 80 percent finished with a street course to be built and still in need of donations. For more info go to www.jlamemorialfund.org.

Check out photos of the dedication in our slideshow. Look for more photos at Burton.com and Volcom.com.