The Main Event Finals- Loon Mtn. NH

Throwing down under the lights at Main Event finals at Loon Mtn. Photo: Brian Nevins

The Main Event Finals- Loon Mtn. NH

One true way to know if you can handle your opponent is to lace up the gloves and get in the ring! Saturday February 28th the lightweights & heavyweights had their match, and riders travelled to Loon to take off the gloves and fight bare knuckles for the victory over the ice coast!

The East has been feeling positive snowflakes so far this season, however Friday night before the contest Mother Nature brought a few inches of rain to harden things quite a bit. Realistically, mother nature basically created the biggest rain gutter on the planet, followed by some cold nighttime temperatures, and a new eastern glacier was formed for riders to get adventurous with.

Snowgrind cut the pipe for the Mini Main Event contestants to kick things off in the morning. Kids came out for a chance to win the wildcard tickets for the US. OPEN JR. JAM. Meanwhile Loon park staff crew worked hard to dial in the set up for the first ever night- time Main Event combo course. The Redbull archway was the entrance to a 45' & 55' gap and a landing that needed feet balanced over the bolts, or a state of the art, ice luge, for the run out. The features below consisted of a 30' down bar, and a 35' down flat down rail.

The night proved that real shredders come from the East Coast, where the weather is treacherous, and the conditions vary... Putting all competitors this night at the top of the starters list in the next draft picks. Fighting fistacuffs on this lady killer; Lauren Tamposi was going huge stomping back 3's with style, and Elin Tortarice stepped it up with a backside 540 winning best trick from Snowboard Jones that was super impressive! Gent's weren't holding back either; Ryan Burns killed the combo with enormous cab 7 grabs, and switch 270 gaps over the down flat, onto the down rail. Jake Harris had a spin to win flawless 900, also taking home Snowboard Jones best trick award.

It has been an amazing season watching the progression of the series from each stop and all riders advancing with it. Thanks to all who support what we do... It's all about Snowboarding!

A Huge thanks to our sponsors for the great prizes and all their support, to Burton Snowboards, Flow Snowboarding, Redbull, Fuel TV, Direct TV,, RED Helmets, Anon Optics, Snowgrind, Scion, NXTZ, and Rye Airfield. The Main Event may have wrapped up for this winter, but get ready… we have a lot in store for next season.

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Men's Pro

1st Place Ryan Burns

2nd Place Eric Beauchemin

3rd Place Ian Hart

Women's Pro

1st Place Lauren Tamposi

2nd Place Elin Tourtarice

3rd Place Taylor Owen

Am Men

1st Place Zach Normandin

2nd Place Eugene Secato

3rd Place Merrick Joyce

Am Women

1st Place Brianna Daly

2nd Place Kelli Redes

3rd Place Nicole Fitzgerald

Mini Main Event Boys

1st Place Kyle Washburn & Snowboard Jones Best Trick Award

2nd Place Nate Strickler

3rd Place Beau Brassard

4th Place Trent Scott

Mini Main Event Girls

1st Place Ryah Lempert & Snowboard Jones Best Trick Award

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