The King of Jib-Vid 2005 has come and gone, and what a success it was. The weather was fine, the tunes were good and the teams were wicked. Everyone who turned up whether it be the 200 spectators or any of the 48 riders that entered had a great day, teams were filming and riding hard all day with only just enough time to enjoy there free BBQ.

The day passed smoothly and with some small additions to the Tignes snowpark for the comp such as a jib-vid wallride, a knarly kinked rail and some other jib smutter. The teams had more than enough to keep them busy filming. The atmosphere in the park was amazing all day with the emphasis on fun and good times. Throughout the afternoon team-members dissappeared to capture and edit footage while the rest of the team remained in the snowpark to get the last of footage onto tape.

At around 7:45pm the first tapes started being handed to me in the Loop Bar, by 9 pm I had alol the tapes and the projection of the 16 movies started. The bar was rammed with everybody trying to get a look at what was going on, each team voted on the other teams performances and then the top five were shown again with the favorites making it through to the finals. The top 5 placed as follows:

1st: “The Grom” Adam Gendle, Scott Mcmorris, Troy
2nd: “The Clash” Mathias Lopez, David Lacote, Richard Permin
3rd: “Monkey” James Vernon, Woodie Bouma, Duncan Grant-Salmon
4th: “The B-Team” Rob Cornellissen, Barts Gerts, Pieter Simons
5th: “The Invisible Man” Team Dragon Lodge, Simon, Gary, Tom

All the movies that were submitted were original and varied to make great viewing. Thanks have to go out to the sponsors who made the Jib-Vid possible:

Tignes, Protest, Voelkl, Capita, Spy, Coal