The Jeff Hawe Photography Collection

Rider: Tyrel Thorton. Photo: Jeff Hawe.

“Last winter was one of change and growth for me. It ran a very different course than seasons past, and was very exciting. I did not start my winter until the beginning of February. I basically jumped from spending my days in the ocean, surfing, and warm tropical weather in the Southern Hemisphere. To spending my days wrestling my sled around in waist deep in powder. In the midst of one of the best winters in my recent memory, it was a mad scramble for me to get as much done as I could with what time I had left of the winter. I did a lot of branching out last winter, making new friends and working with crews that I had never worked with before. Hitting new locations, and learning a lot about the art of shooting snowboarding. While still keeping time to ride with all my good friends around MT, stoked! All said and done it was one of the best seasons of my life. This is a collection of moments I was able to capture last winter, hopefully it will give you a feeling of what my winter was. Here's to another season of that caliber, bring on the snow.”

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