The Freaks Come Out At Night

Neoproto is in the final stages of their third film Everyday Something as you read these words right here, and here, and here-you get the point. So when Pierre Minhondo and Justin Eeles gave a call and asked if we wanted to hang out during a night shoot up at Mt. Hood, we said “God damn right we do!” And why would we be so excited? So we can ask them the questions that everyone has been dying to hear the answers to. Such as these.

There are a lot of hairdos in this crew, who would you say carries the most hair-care products with them while traveling?
Justin: That would have to be T. Money (Tim Eddy), he’s gotta flip going at all times. I think he uses a combo of hair-straighteners and amazing shampoo (laughter).

Who would you say has the tightest pants?Mark Kohlman (Photographer): That would be a toss off-I mean toss up-what?Pierre: Zac Marben, his pants are so tight you can see his, uh … genitalia.

Who do you think would win an afterbang competition between Justin Hebbel and Corey Smith?Pierre: Corey Smith for sure.
What’s up with Bernie’s part this year? Rumor has it he’s been crushing.Justin: Yeah, Bernie has been filming with us a little this year, he’s been showing up here and there, but he’s not into filming a whole part. He’s pretty underground-if his friends are filming he’ll show up, but that’s about it.

Who do you think would win in a fight between your crew and the love/HATE crew?
Pierre: The love/HATE crew for sure. They got Marc Frank (Montoya), he alone could get the job done.

Keep an eye out for more Neoproto in upcoming issues of TransWorld Snowboarding