The Fall Bash And Other East Coastness

Let’s get one thing straight: as an editor of TransWorld, I really don’t have time just to travel around the country and attend parties. With that said, I decided to head east after last week’s Seattle/CAPiTA-party/movie-premiere blowout to investigate an annual fall festivity held at the Stowe, Vermont residence of Mr. Jake Burton–and party Jersey style with the Grenerds at their Killington, VT video premiere. Plus, with the way Mt. Saint Helens has been acting up lately, it was high time to get the eff out of the northwest.

One obvious thing about Vermont this time of year–the miracle of photosynthesis turns just about every tree bright goddamn red. It’s pretty glorious, and in early October, Stowe is ground zero for all this East Coast leaf-looking-at madness. The rural roads are jam-packed with cars full of people too busy craning their necks at all the colors to obey traffic signals or drive the speed limit. We got behind one such line of cars on our way to Jake’s house for the annual Fall Bash, but that’s okay, we were in no hurry–Vermont style, you know.

So the Bash, this festivity has been an annual tradition for years. Each autumn, Jake and Donna open their doors to friends of the family and friends of Burton in general. And people come from all over for the celebration. Every Burton employee, an army of Stowe neighborhood rug rats, East Coast shred institutions like Neil Korn, snowboard industry-ites from you-name-it, Burton teamriders like Colin Langlois–all can be seen cruising around chatting, playing flag football, and taking in the utter awesomeness of Vermont in the fall. Oh, and the Burton residence kicks ass: there’s a mini ramp, a basketball court, an in-ground trampoline, an underground indoor soccer field/ping-pong table/foosball rec-room thingy. Any kid would call himself more than lucky to grow up there. This year’s fall weather progressed into a complete downpour, which only meant that everyone had to crowd in a little closer to watch AC/DShe play the garage. They band rocked, but I’m still backing Hell’s Belles as far as quality all-female AC/DC cover acts go.

Anyway, next up was the Killington premiere of Revenge Of The Grenerds, and since most of those Grenerds are from the East Coast, several having spent years living in Killington and vicinity, we decided to check out the homecoming mayhem. At the last minute, the premiere was moved to the Rutland skate park, and start time was set for “whenever.” Thankfully, we showed up just in time to drink a beer in the pah-king lot and watch a local punk band play. I didn’t catch their name, but Schiff and Kyle Clancy were up front pumping fists of encouragement to what was obviously a feisty group of their young punk proteges. The video played on a sheet duct-taped to the skate-park wall, before Retard Riot (Schiff, Clancy, and filmer Jared Slater’s band) climbed on stage to rocked tha house. Apparently, they?d just played with The Misfits a few days before in Jersey, and somehow got to play on The Misfits actual equipment! Damn, it really does pay to know Danny Kass sometimes, doesn’t it? (I’m not being mean, Misfit’s Jerry Only is from Vernon, NJ–the Kass’s hometown).