Words And Photos By John Poulin



            The Dew Tour was welcomed to Mount Snow in solid East Coast fashion: plenty of snow, wind, and a thick blanket of gray, with Torstein Horgmo and Jamie Anderson taking the top spots in yesterdays slope qualifiers. Torstein's first run landed him a 90.33, topping the 81.83 that second place qualifier and New England native Sam Hulbert turned out. Rounding out the top three was Charles Reid, who matched Hulbert's first run score but a 64 on his second run dropped him to third. Saturdays final is shaping up to be a good one, with the likes of Frends Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, and Norwegian powerhouse Andreas Wiig in the mix. Apparently Wiig can out bench-press every ski racer on the Norwegian national team, we'll see if that gives him an edge in tomorrow's final. They'll all be jousting with the pre-qualified podium from the Breck stop: Shaun White, Mikkel Bang, and Janne Korpi. A few final bound ladies include number two qualifier Chanelle Sladics and Megan Ginter, who took the third spot.


The results from Thursday's slope prelim:


1. Torstein Horgmo 90.33?

2. Sam Hulbert 81.83?

3. Charles Reid 81.33?

4. Andreas Wiig 79.50?

5. Eric Willett 78.50?

6. Brandon Reis 78.33?

7. Scotty Lago 75.33?

8. Madison Ellsworth 70.00

9. Kevin Pearce 68.67

10. Yale Cousino 67.67

[Pre-Qualified from Breckenridge]

1. Shaun White

2. Mikkel Bang


1. Jamie Anderson 76.50?

2. Chanelle Sladics 76.00?

3. Megan Ginter 74.00?

4. Jenny Jones 66.67?

5. Marie-France Roy 56.00?

6. Bev Vuilleumier 54.83?

7. Christina Curry 50.67?

8. Kimberly Fasani 43.17?

9. Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas 39.17?

10. Hana Beaman 34.17


The sun was out this morning for the pipe prelims, a red carpet for hometown hero Kelly Clark, who received the biggest ovation of the day before she even dropped in. It was Hannah Teter that took the number one qualifying spot though, going huge on every hit and showing off a clean front 9. Ellery Hollingsworth qualified third with a pair of clean back-to-back sevens, and I can't help but mention my favorite trick of the women's qualifier: Kjersti Buaas' front 5 stale. It was rad.

The top six girls advance to the final. They are:

1. Hannah Teter – 92.50?

2. Kelly Clark – 86.25?

3. Ellery Hollingsworth – 77.25?

4. Kjersti Østgaard Buaas – 71.50

5. Kaitlyn Farrington – 70.50?

6. Charmaine Ironside – 63.00


Second on the applause-o-meter and fifth in the men's qualifier was Luke Mitrani, hearing a roar of approval from his Frends after stomping a switch backside 9 for the last hit on his heelside wall. That was probably the trick of the day, possibly surpassed by Elijah Teter's switch method that MC Preston Strout was especially pleased with. The Frends crew could only hold their excitement for about an hour, Scotty Lago and Mason Aquirre broke into a dance off at the bottom of the pipe as soon as DMX came over the loudspeakers. Eighteen-year-old Dylan Bidez will have the last drop during Sunday night's final; qualifying first with a run that began with back-to-back nines. Greg Bretz busted his wrist up in practice, but came out for both of his runs and found himself sitting in second place at the end of the day. Behind him is Mason Aguirre who, according to Preston, "has one of the best styles in the game". I just might have to agree with him.


These guys are going to the finals on Sunday:

1. Dylan Bidez – 94.00?

2. Greg Bretz – 90.25?

3. Mason Aguirre – 88.00?

4. Steve Fisher – 85.75?

5. Luke Mitrani – 84.75

6. Kevin Pearce – 84.50

7. Charles Reid – 77.50?

8. Elijah Teter – 75.75

9. Matt Ladley – 75.50