The Circus Comes To Town

It’s that time of year again–when, like the salmon of the Capistrano, snowboarders from all over the world flock to Timberline to get their summer shred on. With an exceptional amount of snow over the winter, this should be a good year for tweaking mass bossical airs.

And if you’re going, don’t forget your flare. It seems that having an ungodly amount of crap hanging from you is very hip this year. Headbands, danglers, oversized hats, facemasks–if you got it, rock it.

The next few weeks will be prime pro spotting season, so be sure to bring your shakas and your head nods also.

The temperature as of late has been close to that of the Serengeti, so be ready for the heat. Bring a tub of sunscreen and a paint roller to apply it with, on a count of you don’t want to get the cancer, neither.

All the pipes are looking good and the jumps look boottastic. Oh, and the public park is going strong for all those unable to make it to camp. So if you got it in ya, make the pilgrimage to Babylbronia–it’s a good time.