The Boost Mobile Pro

When you think of downtown Chicago a few things come to mind, like pizza, wind, or the Bears—but snowboarding? Well hold on to your hats folks ’cause the folks at Boost Mobile went ahead an dropped a ton of snow and even more cash in to Soldier Field to bring the worlds best shredders to the Chi-town.

Around twenty dudes battled it out the first night during the winner take all rail jam worth $20,000. Some highlights were:
-Simone Chamberlin banging really hard tricks and making it look easy.
-Tyler Lepore’s F/S 270 to F/S boardslide on the giganto ledge.
-Sketchy D poaching the practice and ending up being invited to stay.
-Marc Frank Montoya—’nuff said.
– A local kid by the name of Ben who killed the big ledge and was the crowd favorite. (Can’t wait for all the emails telling me his last name, and why I suck for not knowing it.)

In the end it was MFM who walked home with the twenty g’s for his barrage of tricks including a huge B/S 270 to boardslide 270 out on the ledge and a ton of other tricks that were so hard your brain would melt trying to figure them out.

The next night was the big hurra’, a big air into a quarterpipe worth sixty big ones. During practice things were looking a little dicey. Most were barley making straight airs over the jump and the QP wasn’t much more than a big catchers mitt. But as the sun went down the snow got faster and the carcass tossing began.

Keir Dillon and Abe Teter had no problem with the quarterpipe. Keir let lose some big McTwists while Abe got a ton of ooh’s and ahh’s for the Teter Totter (a off axis frontside five grabin’ stalefish). Back on the kickarator, Eddie wall was doin’ backside sevens, Todd Richards put up a backside 900 but had a little trouble when he ran out of snow on the landing. Chad Otterstrom knows how to snowboard real good so he was doing switch backside rodeos into Mctwists on the catcher’s mitt. Tyler Lepore got out of a cab and did a frontside seven first time off the jump, no practice or nuthin. But winning it all was Travis Rice with a backside rodeo seven into a backside seven on the half a half pipe—I think. By that point the free drinks in the VIP tent had got the better of me.

Anyway, after the event Ludacris took the main stage a worked the crowd into a frenzy. Which then carried over to the after party where DJ Clue played cuts and everyone worked down free booze and patted each other on the back for a job well done. All in all everyone had a good time, but if any of you boost dudes are reading this, next year if you want to do a contest in a city make it Honolulu—I need a vaction.

Rail Jam:Marc Frank Montoya

Big Air:
1.Travis Rice
2. Chad Otterstrom
3. Eddie Wall?