The Battle took off March 17-19th in Falun, Sweden, with a nice temperature of -2 degrees and a beautiful sunny weather.

After the long warm-ups on Friday morning, the welcome ceremony at the local “Stora Torget and an amazing night session on the Friday night, everything was ready for the Battle Big Day — on Saturday 19th of March 05.

The riders were ripping at the warm ups in the morning, after which the qualifications started around noon. Ten teams went off in the Lugnet Arena in Falun, Sweden.The Teams in the qualifications were:

Finland: Markku Koski-TM, Tuomo Ojala, Miikka Hast

Sweden: Hampus Mosesson-TM, Stefan Karlsson, Martin Sandberg

Norway: Marius Otterstad-TM, Thorsten Horgmo

France: Nico Droz-TM, Laurent Gaugain, Tonton

Holland, Alexandre Doumergue

Austria: Steve Gruber-TM, Friedl Kolar, Thomas “Beckna Eberharter

Switzerland: Jonas Emery-TM, Markus Keller, Youri Podlatchikow

Japan: Takato Taniguchi, Hideki Mastumura

NZ: Quentin Robbins-TM, Will Jackaways, Roland Morley-Brown

Battle Nation: Tapio Kuusakoski (FIN), Peter Ström (SWE), Micka à"l Fournier (CH), Silas Stannard (USA)

Team Canada and USA were cancelled because of injuries.

The Battle finals gathered together an audience of +10.000 people, which was going off during the riding.

Good performances were seen from all the teams from which the Japanese and Norwegian only had two team members each because of yesterday’s injuries. Especially the Finnish, Swedish and Austrian teams showed the real team spirits. The final battle was held between Finland and Sweden. Head to head like in the good old days — this got the audience even more excited.

The Ultimate Battle Trophy went to the Team Finland, which showed an excellent team work and put on a fantastic show down, using all the obstacles on the course and pulling some amazing tricks together.

The individual titles for the day were chosen by Ingemar Backman and Patrick “Patte Karlsson.

THE RIPPER (best rider): Hampus Mosesson (SWE)

LINE EXECUTOR (best line down the whole arena): Thorsten Horgmo (NOR)

SNIPER (best trick): Quentin Robbins (NZ) with backside 900

SPACE TRAVELLER (highest air): Takato Taniguchi (JAP)

SMOOTH OPERATOR (best style): Hampus Mosesson (SWE)

JIB COMMANDER (best jibber): Nicolas Droz (FRA)RUBBER MAN (best tweak): Takato Taniguchi (JAP) with a backside air

Hampus Mosesson, the Ripper, won the Ticket to Ride to the Arctic Challenge which will be held in Lofoten in the end of March.

Even YOU were able to prove the great day live on — if you missed that, you can still enjoy the news and the photos of the event in there.