It has been a gigantic year for the TTR Society. Twenty events on the Qualifying and Pro Series calendar, over one million dollars in prize money, thousands of spectators watching hundreds of the most talented rookies and Professional Freestyle Snowboarders entertain and compete on a tour, whose credibility is built on creative competition formats coupled with the best in entertainment programs. Athlete and partner hosting is of highest priority. TV production and distribution is quality controlled. Both horizontal and vertical press is coordinated by event organizers and dedicated a TTR press department.

The TTR is snowboarding’s showcase. Events take pride in offering a well-rounded program for both participant and non-participant, servicing the highest level of performing artist action gratified by the six-digit prize pool.

And, as the 2004/2005 TTR Tour comes to an end, riders, their sponsors, event organizers and partners, the press, its target consumer and casual participants all may take a well deserved break, reflecting, recovering, and planning summer activities. It has been a long season, the weather sometimes kind, sometimes, like this week during ‘The Arctic Challenge,’ cruel.

Nonetheless, even with the TTR Pro Series Tour Finale’ losing two of three event categories to rain, wind and unkind temperatures ‘The Arctic Challenge’ was, for the last three TTR seasons, the catalyst to the tour’s structure, the gathering of the worlds very best athletes and a statement of determination to create rider initiated event programs, credible courses and the best in hospitality, all of which packaged, into an entertaining, yet threaded post production.

After an explosive start in Tromso, seeing tour dominator Andy Finch winning the ‘Highest Air’ and ‘Best trick’ categories, and with young Swiss rider Markus Keller, through his consistent excellence taking the ‘Overall’ Quarterpipe title ‘The Arctic Challenge’ moved into phase two.

But, as fate would have it, the Halfpipe, planned to take place in Finnses, was plagued by encroaching northern storms. The persistent bad weather reduced its once grand walls to a sad, unrideable state forcing the organizers to redesign the course into a crowd pleasing *show consisting of a Straightair and smaller but credible 5.0m Quarterpipe.

The loss of the Halfpipe event left only the Slopestyle in Stamsund, Lofoton. The entire organization, including athletes and media, headed by boat to the event site. As the boat landed on the shores of Stamsund, the final leg of ‘The Arctic Challenge’s three stop event structure, so too did the weather. Extreme winds, heavy rainstorms and unusual Arctic temperatures put a stop to any hopes of pulling off the final days activities. With competitions closed, and the frustration brushed to one side, the focus was redirected to enjoying an end of season festive evening with comrades, partners, fueled by an exclusive concert by Norwegian Band Turbonego. You can truly say the event was ‘Arctic Challenged!’

Results Summary ‘The Arctic Challenge’ 2005

‘The Arctic Challenge’ men Quarter-pipe results:

Highest Air
Andy Finch 7,5m (Crippler, Indy)

Best trick
Andy Finch: 5,5m (Frontside Rodeo 7 Indy)

‘The Arctic Challenge’ overall men Quarter-pipe results:
1. Markus Keller
2. Andy Finch
3. Terje Haakonsen
4. Mason Aguirre
5. Keir Dillon
6. Stefan Gimpl
7. Risto Mattila
8. Mathieu Crepel
9. Fredrik Austbà¸
10. Antti Autti
11. Julian Karlsen

‘The Arctic Challenge’ women Quarter-pipe results:
1. Torah Bright
2. Doriane Vidal
3. Anne Molin Konsgaard

‘The Arctic Challenge’ *Session results:
‘The Arctic Challenge’ Halfpipe results: CANCELLED (replaced by *Session)

Session Straightair men:
1. Antti Autti
2. Markku Koski
3. Risto Mattila
4. Mathieu Crepel

Best tweak
Antti Autti: Backside 5 Indy grab/Tail bone

Best trick
Mathieu Crepel: Switch Backside 7 Tail grab

SSession Straightair women:
1. Cheryl Maas
2. Kjersti Buuas
3. Tora Bright

Session Quarterpipe men:

Best trick
Markus Keller: Backside 3 shifty

Best lip trick
Elias Elhardt: Hand plant

Highest air
Freddi Austbo: 6m

Session Quarterpipe women:

Best trick
Gretchen Bleiler: Backside 5 indy grab,p>Special award
Kjersti Buuas & Cheryl Maas: Synchronized air to fakie

‘The Arctic Challenge’ Slopestyle results: CANCELLED

‘The Arctic Challenge’ TV coverage:
Sunday, May 29: Airdate of ‘The Artic Challenge’ on leading USA youth channel, Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV

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