The Arctic Challenge Back In The Arctic

When the world’s snowboard elite gathers at The Arctic Challenge in lateMarch, it will be in a unique and dramatic setting. The final event of theglobal TTR tour will be an epic journey through the arctic and to the heartof snowboarding. The Arctic Challenge has just announced that the slopestyleand halfpipe formats will be held in the beautiful arctic city of Tromso.Recently Terje Haakonsen and his men press released that the quarterpipe isback in the stunning surroundings of Stamsund, Lofoten.

Meaning that The Arctic Challenge is able to present a full-fledged arcticevent since the legendary Stamsund event in 2000. This has come true due toimpressing support from local municipalities and businesses. Themunicipalities of Tromso and the county of Troms is contributing 200 — 300000 EUROs to pull off The Arctic Challenge in Tromso. This comes in additionto the 200 000 EURO investment from the municipalities of Nordland andVestvagoy into the quarterpipe in Stamsund, Lofoten. The decision makers ofNorthern Norway is coming together in admirable effort to show theirbeautiful region to the world.

Tromso, also called Paris of the North, is the biggest city of NorthernNorway with 70 000 inhabitants — among them 10 000 students. The city issituated on an island surrounded by steep arctic mountains and water. Theunique combination of a lively city and clean nature is the perfect matchfor The Arctic Challenge. Tromso offers great freeride areas and socialopportunities in addition to an excellent competition site.

The snowboarders start arriving in Tromso on Saturday March 27. The city ofTromso is developing a cultural program for The Arctic Challenge week, andthere will be an opening concert by an International act on Saturday. Theslopestyle and halfpipe competitions starts on Monday and ends Thursday,April 1st. Then it’s off to the astonishing islands of Lofoten by boat alongthe Norwegian cost line, the famous cruiser Hurtigruta. It is one of theworld’s most beautiful boat trips. Ending the journey in the silent fishingvillage of Stamsund, the snowboarders can look forward to some delightfuldays of snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, fishing and social activities.

The Arctic Challenge is the season ending event of the TTR system where 17of the world’s best riders qualify to The Arctic Challenge through 9independent events in Europe, Asia and USA. In addition Terje Haakonsenholds 8 wild cards. One last lucky snowboarder gets his ticket to byInternet voting.

For further information check or call HenningAndersen, CEO of The Arctic Challenge on +47 90695119