It happens every year, The Arctic Challenge has to change plans in the last minute. Last year the quarterpipe moved from Lofoten to Tromsà¸. This year the slopestyle goes from Tromsภto Lofoten. And that’s not the end of it. Hey, the halfpipe is building up in Finnsnes!

Do not change tickets
Chaotic? Not really. There’s no need to change tickets. The riders and the snowboard community arrives in Tromsภas planned on March 29. And will leave from Lofoten on April 6th.

Lets move
Failing a final agreement on infrastructure needs between local organizers and the resort of Tromso, TAC decided to find solutions that not only guarantee the best riding infrastructure for the world’s best riders, but add another Arctic taste to the event. The 3-stop tour from Tromsà¸, to Finnsnes and Lofoten has always been the plan, but instead of celebrating the season conclusions there will be some serious action in both Finnsnes and Lofoten.

The best snow season in 5 years
Luckily it is the best snow season in Northern Norway in 5 years. In Lofoten they say it’s better than year 2000 when the legendary halfpipe contest was held there. For many it will be a special moment when the world’s best riders enters the small village of Stamsund to compete for the first time in five years. And don’t worry. There will be time enough for some arctic surfing at the Unstad beach, a game of poker or other social activities among friends.

The Arctic Challenge Oakley Quarterpipe
The great city of Tromsà¸, also called the Paris of the North of obvious reasons, is welcoming you all with its famous hospitality. Tromsภwill be the host of The Arctic Challenge Oakley Quarterpipe — a ten metre snow monster getting ready for another Gold Watch attempt. On the way to Lofoten by boat we will anchor up in Finnsnes for the halfpipe finals before ending up in the picturesque village of Stamsund for some slopestyle action.

For travellers heading to the Arctic, follow simple rules:
1. There’s no need for ticket change. Fly to Tromsà¸, fly out of Bodà¸.
2. Read for updates

Questions? Please contact TAC on +47 906 95 119 or +47 913 61 916.

More info to come in no time!

Best regards,
The Arctic Challenge crew