The Angry Interns Video Reviews—It’s Always Snowing Somewhere

Riders: Gigi Ruf, Fred Kalbermatten, Jeremy Jones, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Jussi Oksanen, Mikey Rencz, Shaun White, Natasza Zurek, Mikkel Bang, Mads Johnsson, Tadashi Fuse, Keegan Valaika, Nicolas Muller, Peetu Piroinen, Kim Rune Hansen, DCP, Heiki Sorsa, Terje Haakonsen, Trevor Andrew, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis

Too bad all of us don't have the funds or time to mob around the globe in helis, jets, and sleds. The Burton team, on the other hand, does. And they took full advantage of it last season. Burton's own broke up into small groups and traveled the globe in search of fresh pow, huge park and pipe hits, insane big mountain lines, and some creative mind-blowing jibs. The crew hit up five different continents, finding out along the way that it's really always snowing somewhere … if you have the money to get there. This two-disc double feature is broken down into one Northern Hemi section and one Southern Hemi section. The sections in the video are broken into subsections of riders on adventures in far-off places from South America to New Zealand.

Some details—the opening section features Gigi swimming through neck-deep pow in Austria during November, and boosting in the backcountry. A standout part went to Tadashi Fuse. His opening part shows him cartwheeling down an insanely-steep, spiney section nailing trees on his way down (you gotta see this). The rest of his section shows him dropping some crazy lines and cliffs, and launching other natural features. Tadashi even triggers an avalanche that he ends up beating down the mountain. Shaun White got some good backcountry footage in Revelstoke, B.C., Chile, and Japan. Natasza Zurek showed off her backcountry skills and her park skills while boosting and stomping off huge booters. While in Japan, Nicolas Muller got chased by the mountain police for tail-tapping a chairlift to backside 360.

The Southern Hemisphere disc features trips to New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile in search of some sacred summertime powder. Two different crews ventured out on heli trips in Methven, New Zealand. Snow conditions weren't great at first for the first group, but Gigi, DCP, and Fred all got some banging shots from the chopper of them sending it off a massive wind lip. In the second group no one was as stoked as Jussi to be in New Zealand (this part compares to his part in Double Decade—gnarly!). DCP and Mads got a long line on a huge glacier in Argentina. Heikki and Shaun finish up the last section in Valle Nevado, Chile with some serious backcountry launching and cliff dropping.

So, is it always snowing somewhere? Yes, but you'll either need thousands of dollars to experience it firsthand, or you could just watch this video for proof that there are tons of crazy places out there in far off lands that have sick lines and drops with lots of good snow year-round. This video has unbelievable riding with great camera angles, and definitely is a must see to generate motivation for the upcoming shred season. Our only semi-knock on the video is the soundtrack, featuring some diverse "different" kinds of tunes that don't really go with snowboarding.

We'll give this video an almost perfect rating of 3 ½ ass kickers (out of a possible 4)