The Angry Interns Video Reviews—Double Decade


Riders: Aaron Biittner, Andreas Wiig, Darrell Mathes, DCP, Devun Walsh, Eero Ettala, Eero Niemela, Heikki Sorsa, Iikka Backstrom, Jeremy Jones, Jussi Oksanen, JP Walker, Lauri Heiskari, Seth Huot, Wille Yli-Luoma

Double Decade has high expectations, as it is Mack Dawg's celebration of 20 years of filming. Decade, definitely one of the sickest shred flicks ever, was the midway point to where they are now. Devun Walsh, JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, and Wille Yli-Luoma all had insane parts in Decade, and ten years later they all have put down equally insane parts. These guys are relentless, and so is Mack Dawg. This film offers a reflective semi-documentary style look over the progression of snowboarding that MDP has captured, with looks back at classic shred flicks like New Kids on the Twock. One thing MDP has always been good at is letting the riders show their personalities, and it always looks like they are having a good ol' time. SO TO THE HATERS: SHUT THE F*** UP.      

Some details—Eero Ettala is one of the most underrated shredders in the industry. Disagree? His opening section speaks for itself. Devun Walsh opens his part by showing he can still throw massive spins in the backcountry (you gotta see the crazy hit he boosts in the beginning of his section, also can be seen on September's cover). DCP's fast aggressive style is well complemented by a sick NOFX song. (Every shred flick needs at least one hardcore song like this) Jeremy Jones and JP Walker have pushed the envelope so far on wallrides, making it hard to think of how it could progress any further. Another veteran rider for Mack Dawg, Jussi Oksanen, shows he still has mad skills, as he never sacrifices style for his massive spins. He nails the ender for this flick.

Double Decade is worthy of its title, as Decade was, as JP Walker said, "monumental". Mack Dawg continues to capture a great variety of urban and backcountry riding, with seasoned veterans and many of the best riders out there filling the sections. The soundtrack gets the go in this flick as well, with some songs that will be in your head while you shred. Happy 20th Mack Dawg, you get a 3 ½ out of 4 ass-kickers. 

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