The Angry Interns Video Reviews—Aesthetica

Riders: Mads Jonsson, Torstein Horgmo, Juuso Laivisto, Johan Olofsson, Eric Jackson, Mathieu Crepel, Mark Landvik, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Mitch Reed, Xavier Delerue, Dan Migno, Sylvain Beauch, Sammy Luebke, Chas Guldemond, Lonnie Kauk, Keegan Valaika, Priscilla Levac, JJ Thomas.

It's October—a time when it starts getting cold, the leaves change color, and that winter feeling begins. Nope! Not here in SoCal, it's still 80 and sunny every day, and the damn palm trees are always green. Yeah, that's right, we're bitching about the perfect weather. Watching movies like Aesthetica really makes us yearn for some cold weather and snow. Everyone knows that Standard Films is all about top of the line progression in the backcountry. Aesthetica does not stray away from this reputation with the combination of a few new shreds to its cast as well as the same ol' familiar veterans we love to watch. Whoever says, "backcountry hits get old" is a friggin' idiot.

Some details—Eric Jackson takes the honors of getting the opening section, which shows him partaking in his other favorite hobby of fishing. That lucky SOB shreds powder down to a river and then gets to go fishing. Oh yeah, there's also snowboarding in his section which includes so many backcountry hits and lines that he also took the longest section of the video. Xavier Delerue tells his story of being caught in an avalanche (what's a shred video without a scene of a gnarly avy in it?), Chas Guldemond scores a few guest shots as he kills it in the park as usual—we have to wonder how much RockStar pays him to wear that stupid beanie. There's a scene that's questionably staged where Priscilla Levac jibs a cop car while the sorry pathetic cop tries to yell at them. Priscilla puts together a pretty solid segment that is unfortunately accompanied by some crappy song.

Kazuhiro Kokubo definitely scores a standout part with good backcountry hits including some shots in Idaho's quiet backcountry—a favorite place for Standard to film every year. Some unnecessary contest footage is added into the movie. The new revolution of NoBoarding is captured with Johan Olofsson killing it on the freedom version of snow shredding—pay attention here. Last years rookie sensation Torstein Horgmo bags the closing section demonstrating his progressive mind-blowing freestyle skills. As said before it was his first season shredding in the backcountry.

This movie has great riding and unique hits and drops. Many of the shots were in black & white and were kind-of blurry, not too sure what Standard was going for with these. The soundtrack gets a thumbs up except that damn song in Priscilla's section. This crew does put together a solid movie with great shredding and this is one of the top movies of the year. And remember Mads wise words, "If you drink more than five beers the night before, it's going to be blue the morning after."

We give this shred flick a good score of 3 ass-kickers out of a possible 4.

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