The Angry Intern Video Reviews—I Ride Park City

Riders: Torstein Horgmo, Shaun White, Heikki Sorsa, Eero Ettala, Aaron Biittner, Scotty Arnold, Dan Brisse, Stevie Bell, Bode Merrill, Mason Aguirre, Erin Comstock, Pat Moore, Torah Bright, Drew Fuller, Ryo Aono, Hampus Mossesson, Jakob Wilhelmson.

With an all-star cast including Park City's eight team riders and nine worthy guest shreds, this video is packed full of top-of-the-line progression. It has everything from the opening images of Shaun White boosting in the halfpipe, showing off his signature Olympic/X Games gold worthy tricks, to the ending shots of big up-and-comers like Torstein Horgmo spinning every possible spin off massive features. The movie has a great variety of snowboarding, considering it was filmed only at Park City. To make up for the lack of location variety, multiple filming angles were explored, with a variety of angles on all shots using ladders, zip lines, and choppers. The soundtrack is full of catchy upbeat 80s tunes that just make you want to shred.

Some details—Eero Ettala bagged the opening part, and rightfully so, with mind-blowing combos on and off Park City's jibs, highlighted by a smooth jaw-dropping 450-frontside-boardslide to fakie. Heikki follows Eero's part with his own creative one-footed sketchy shredding. Standout Bode Merrill had some bangers off the massive booters in the park and his part is highlighted by a smooth backside rodeo to front boardslide. Erin Comstock and Torah Bright represented the ladies well. Erin's jibbing skills put most dudes to shame, and Torah Bright highlighted her well-known sick pipe skills. Both girls took a run at the shack gap with steezed out spins. Torstein Horgmo cleans up with his long section and can be called the master of switch backside spins with everything up to a massive heli shot of a 1260. Torstein doesn't limit these spins to just the park as he stomps a switch-backside 720 and 900 into some pow. Keep in mind—he just began boosting in the backcountry last season with his first hit being in Idaho's backcountry.

This crispy clear video filmed in HD will definitely tempt you to take a trip to Park City. The video shows that Park City is a legit resort accommodating every kind of riding possible … where were those pow landings at anyway? It'll also give every rider a new list of tricks to stomp this year while jibbing, bonking, boosting, or even buttering.

We'll give it two and a half ass-kickers. (Out of a possible four).

And here’s a quick Q&A with Park City’s man of many talents Jim Mangan

What’s the hardest part of making a movie at Park City?
The hardest part is really working two jobs during the winter. I’m working my normal job with Park City Mountain Resort as The Director of Action Sports and then producing, directing, and filming a movie. Things can get pretty hectic and you definitely lose a lot of sleep, but in the end it’s totally worth it!

What’s the most rewarding part?
The most rewarding part is that I’m constantly being creative and learning something new every day whether it’s learning more about cameras and equipment or different angles to shoot or becoming a better editor. It may sound cliche, but with hard work and passion comes the reward and it always makes it worthwhile.

Who has standout parts in you opinion?
I’d have to say Torstein Horgmo, Bode Merrill, Eero and Heikki, Dan Brisse, and our female knockout, Erin Comstock.
There’s so much fun and amazing riding it’s hard to say…. The snowboarding world should watch out for Bode Merrill. I think he’s the most underrated rider on the planet!

Single most banging trick?
That’s tough! Either Torstein’s switch back 12 or a surprise and somewhat circusy trick that Bode does, but I think everyone has a different opinion. A lot the other rider’s have some pretty sick shit.

Tell us about the cable cam. How it’s set up, and what you think it
adds to the movie?

I worked with this company called Fly Cam and laid out for them how I wanted to use their system. They had never set up a cable cam this long, but they were excited about the challenge. We set up a 2000 foot long cable cam in the park and an 800 foot long cable cam over the pipe.
It just worked out so well, especially in the park. It makes that audience feel like they’re right there riding it. I shot it much tighter than what you’d see at big events. It has a way different feel to it. It gives the movie a fast pace and really good flow.

What plans does Park City have for next season? Any improvements in the

We are really going to focus on our parks! We’ve expanded our Jonesy’s Park, which will be the medium park this year and virtually run top to bottom of the Bonanza 6-Pack High Speed Lift. We’ve doubled our park crew and added 30 new rails and box features, which gives us around 70 rails and boxes total. We’ve also implemented a new High Speed Quad at the base area, which goes up to the middle of the mountain. This will free up our Payday Lift, which services King’s Crown Superpark and our Bonanza Lift, which services Jonesy’s Medium Park for our park shredders to enjoy shortened lift lines.

And finally, why do you ride Park City?
You want the real answer? Park City has the hottest chicks!