The Alex Paradis Photography Collection

Photo: Alex Paradis

20 year old Quebec City local and brother of well known rider Louif Paradis, photographer Alex Paradis shows us what he’s got, here, in his collection of photographs taken over the last year in the province of Quebec, Canada. Alex says that when he first started snowboarding with his brother and friends, he was pretty sure it was what he would do for the rest of his life, until three seasons ago, after becoming injured, he picked up a camera for the first time and found a new passion to pursue alongside snowboarding. Since then he has been photographing friends and Quebec locals such as Greg Desjardins, LNP, Jason Dubois, Ben Bilocq, Phil Jacques and his brother, Louif Paradis. He says that his friends are always pushing and inspiring him to improve his photography, through which, together, they can inspire others to push the limits as well. Living and growing up in Quebec City has been a blessing to the pursuit of his passions, as the city is now one of the major urban settings that pro snowboarders are flocking to. Alex says that his hope for the future is to continue working with passionate people, to travel and see “what’s good” all over the world, and for sure, to “keep pushing the button.”


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