The Active Bro Down Showdown

The sun showed up, the pro judges debated and deliberated, the riders threw down and Active’s Bro Down Showdown held at Bear Mountain, Saturday, February 25, went off without a hitch. The contest was open to amateur riders and pulled from the massive talent of mostly local or Mammoth riders. The judges included riders Nate Bozung, Molly Aguirre, Corey Smith, and Dave Downing among industry reps from a handful of shred companies.

Burton’s Dave Downing has seen it all in the span of his career, and has been dropped off on more knife ridges in one month than most snowboarders could dream about from their coach seat on a Southwest flight back from spring break in Breckenridge. So, instead of write about the contest, we asked Dave to tell about it from his perspective:

What’s the best thing about Bear Mountain?

Lots of things ... being able to surf in the morning, then head up to the mountain and ride in the afternoon is always a plus. Riding in a tee-shirt almost everyday. Having a whole mountain developed for park riding. It’s just a good scene. I hope to come back next year and hang out again. Big Bear is where I started riding and I still love it … it’s where my roots are.

Was there something you saw that stood out during the Active contest?

It was an awesome event. There were a lot of park rippers there and the kid who won (Stephen Myers) really stood out to me, just all day he was totally on it, really did a lot of tricks and had pretty good board control

How was the judging figured out? Do you think it was a good system?

For this event I think the judging was good. There was a two-hour jam session where the riders just took as many runs in the course as possible. I think this was good because there wasn’t a lot of pressure to make that one or two runs count. It was actually really easy to pick out the top twelve guys, because they were the guys that were landing most of their jumps in the runs. It was a little harder to figure out the winner of the top twelve guys in the final because they were all ripping, but the winner did the most consistent runs , and for sure did the most different tricks. He was ripping that hardest for that hour.

What’s the rest of the winter look like for you?

The opposite of what was going on up there at Big Bear. I hope to be riding a lot of powder and I’m going to Russia for the first time.


A big thanks to the sponsors, who included Active Ride Shop, Burton, Bear Mountain, Red Anon, Analog, TransWorld SNOWboarding, Neff, Chipotle, and PinkXDeath.


1st -- Stephen Myers, $2500

2nd -- Scott Vine, $1000

3rd -- Cody Rosenthal, $500

4th -- Greg Hahn, $250

Best Trick -- Josh Kaiser, Analog Full kit a $2000 value