The ABC of Avalanche Safety

This handy little book by E.R. LaChapelle and published by The Mountaineers is chock full of good basic avalanche info. Among other things, it covers the basics of avalanches including how to recognize possible avalanche hazards and minimize their risk, analyzing the evidence of an avalanche, and how to rescue avalanche victims. There are also a handful of case histories which gives a flavor of what to expect in the backcountry. You’ll never learn everything you need to know about avalanches from any book but this one is a good place to start. It’s also a good quick-reference manual to carry in your pack, but you’ll want to know what’s in the book before you need it in an emergency. Read it before you go and maybe even in conjunction with an avalanche awareness class. The more you know the better off you and your backcountry partners will be.