The 4th Annual Holy Oly Revival

Where else do you see a huge water tower painted like a beer can, Jamie Lynn spinning records, Joey McGuire working on snow blowers and lots of bananas? Lib Tech’s 4th annual Holy Oly quarter pipe (anti) contest of course.

True to North West pride and North West conditions, the (non) contest could not have been better. Huge QP shaped by none other than the man Krush Kuleza and crew at Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington. And it wouldn’t be true North West fashion if it didn’t dump so hard that they had to use snow blowers to get all the new fresh pow out of the run in. True story.

Lots of NW talent showed up. Jesse Burtner man handled the mic’ for most of the day and even talked Krush in to building a small jib line on the side of the QP consisting of one huge propane tank that happened to be leaking the entire day. Jesse threw down some mean shit but Sean Genovese ended up taking the jib line title for the day.

All the rage besides the free Cobra Dogs was, well, bananas. A number of Mervin employees and riders alike were spotted on the new Lib Tech “Banana” board complete with banana technology. People were hootin’ and hollerin’ all over the place about that thing. Not only that, the fine folks at Lib even brought up a bunch of, yep, you guessed it … bananas, for everyone to either munch on or throw at each other. They even made “Banana Sauce” to slather all over the Cobra Dogs—it was totally bananas! (Pun is 100% intended)

Peter Line took it (easily) with the highest air. Hugeamongous air to fakie. So sick. Homeboy still has it. They also gave Pete a trophy for his win on the very first year of the Oly. Now, I can’t take credit for him being the super pro he is but I think that I, Cory Alan Grove, deserved that trophy. Why? I will tell you. See, that first year of the Holy Oly I stayed the night at Pete’s the night before the contest. We went out and got a little “loose” that evening (to say the least) and the next morning was a hard one. “I don’t wanna go to the contest, waaaa, blah blah” Being the friend I am I graciously brought him water and basically carried his ass to the car. And then he won. See, my trophy. My precious. Just bitter because I have never won a trophy in my life? Perhaps.

The Pat’s. Snowboarder Mag’s own Pat Bridges took the “Hardest Charging Industry Person” award for his insane hand plants. Yes, with cig in mouth. No joke. Pat Moore was seen smiling as per usual and in true Pat style, mixing it up with a few one footed fastplants on the 24-foot giant.

In the end it was “Little Sammy” Luebke for the overall win. Sammy threw down some insane moves and impressed the secret judges like no other. Sammy won a bunch of free beer. He is under age so who knows; maybe they will give him a bunch of candy and soda instead.

It got a little warm on Sunday so we packed up the Cobra Dogs (mini) attack unit and headed due south to catch a night riding sesh at Mt. Hood’s Skibowl. With a mean caravan of Oregonians Curtis Ciszek, Donny Stevens, and Scott Blum we dropped the hammer and hauled ass. Met up with Airblaster’s Jesse Grandkoski and friends and had an amazing night of complete debauchery. Back flips and all.

It was a perfect cap on a perfect weekend. In the good ol’ North West … Represent.

Final Results:

Holiest of the Holy: Sammy Luebke
Joey McGuire Award: Andy Bergin-Sperry
Hardest Charging Industry Hero: Pat “The Eye Bridges
Best Jib Line: Sean Genovese
Highest Air: Peter Line
Beat the Reaper: Devin Elliot
Future of NW shred: Austin Sweetin