We couldn’t fit all the video previews in the September Issue, so here are fourteen more for 08/09! Grab some popcorn and make your selections. 


[30% Park, 30% Rails, 40% Backcountry]
I Ride Park City
Mango Films
Riders: Shaun White, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Torstein Horgmo, Aaron Biittner, Scotty Arnold, Stevie Bell, Dan Brisse, Torah Bright, Erin Comstock, Pat Moore, Mason Aguirre, Ryo Aono, Bode Merrill, Drew Fuller, Hampus Mosesson, and Jacob Wilhelmson.
Filmers: Jim Mangan, Paul Saunders, and Will King.

In last year's Resort Poll, you, the readers, voted Park City #1 for Park, #2 for overall Resort, and #3 for Pipe. After seeing numbers like these, it's no wonder that so many pros call Park City home. This year, Park City embarked on their second film, showcasing the riding of their all-star cast on their (you said it) all-star mountain. A 2000 ft. cable cam over the King's Crown terrain park, an 800 ft. one over the 22 ft. Superpipe, and multiple helicopter shots are going to put this one at the top of many a shredder's must see list. "You will not see another movie with this many angles at each location and a movie that has such an incredible flow and fast pace combined with this standout cast of riders," says Director Jim Mangan. You can expect standout parts from the likes of Torstein Horgmo, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Bode Merrill, Dan Brisse, and Shaun White. You can also expect some banger tunes backing up the riding; they spared no expense in creating what could be one of the finest films of the season.

I Ride Park City/Mango Films



[25% Park, 25% Rails, 50% Backcountry]
Knockout 'The Tenth Round'
Alterna Films
Riders: Matt Belzile, Chris Dufficy, Seb Toots, Takaharu Nakai, Tadej Valentan, JF Fortin, Matt Beardmore, Greg Maxwell, Craig Beaulieu, and friends.
Filmers: Darcy Wittenburg, Carlo Wein, Colin Jones, Bryant Bell, and Robert Brunton.

Reaching the decade mark this past season, Alterna brings you a shred movie showcasing their best season yet. With a mixture of up and comers like Seb Toots and seasoned vets like Chris Dufficy, Knockout is, according to the crew, "a quenching blend of inventive freestyle snowboarding with a cinematic punch." An exotic journey through India and a road gap session with a cable cam will make this one of the hidden gems of the season. Be sure to look out for the "Tootsie Roll", Seb Toots' version of the double cork backside 1080, to cap off this one. Knockout is sure to deliver on all levels of Alterna’s trademark innovation.

Knockout 'The Tenth Round' / Alterna Films

[30% Park, 40% Rails, 30% Backcountry]
Autumn Line
Riders: Gabe Taylor, Brendan Hayes, Eric Fernandez, Greg Hahn, Jake Devine, Lance Machado, Ben Bilocq, Matt Hammer, Cody Rosenthal, Spencer Link, Jake Olson-Elm, Scott Blum, Brett Butcher, and Peter Benchetler.
Filmers: Adam Porter, Matt Porter, Mark Wiitanen, and Mike Miller.

Autumn Line has been bringing you shred movies for the past two seasons, and their new turnout, Technicolor, promises to top their previous releases. With a broader travel range and a heavier riding lineup including Cody Rosenthal, Ben Bilocq, and Brett Butcher, the boys at Autumn Line have set out to bring you a video that will simply get you stoked to go out and ride. "We're definitely not the Indiana Jones of snowboard videos this summer, but we’d say we’re more like that Zohan Adam Sandler movie," says Filmer and Editor Adam Porter. "Technicolour will not be easily forgotten. The colors, audio, spots, and people all came together to make such a bright and exciting movie, that is more of a glimpse into these rider’s lives then just a typical snowboard movie." Regardless of whether or not the Zohan movie is anything like classic Adam Sandler, Technicolour has potential to be one of the coolest films of the year.

Technicolour/Autumn Line

[50% Park, 20% Rails, 30% Backcountry]
Pony Tale
Actionhorse Films
Riders: Hampus Mosesson, Jakob Wilhelmson, Knut Eliassen, Eiki Helgason, Stian Solberg, Eero Ettala, Halldor Helgason, Markku Koski, Pat Moore, Gulli Gudmundsson, Fredu Sirvio, Kareem El Rafie, and Mikkel Bang.
Filmers: Per-Hampus Stålhandske and Magnus Törnkvist.

In its first year of production, Actionhorse Films is reviving the tried and true method of documenting fun in a snowboard video. Showcasing riding that the viewer can relate to by some of the most progressive and stylish riders in the world, Pony Tale is sure to be a winner, by no means lacking in the hammer department. It's the return of Hampus Mosesson and Jakob Wilhelmson to the big screen, and with other heavies like Eero Ettala, Pat Moore, and Knut Eliassen backing the two Robot Food grads, Pony Tale is going to be the best movie you can download, for FREE. Just click to the Actionhorse Web site. What's not fun about a free shred movie?

Pony Tale/Actionhorse Films

[88.67% Street, 11.33% Mountain]
Brothers Factory
Riders: Jeremy Cloutier, Louif Paradis, Jason Dubois, Phil Jacques, LNP, Greg Jardins, Frank April, Nic Houle, Kael Hill, Jordan Bell, Nic Brunette, P-o Houde, Ben Bilocq, and Dan Migno.
Filmers: Will and Charles Demers.

Filmed almost entirely in the streets, What promises to showcase some gnarly and progressive urban riding. Expect to be awed by the likes of Jeremie Cloutier, Jason Dubois, Kael Hill and Phil Jacques as they tackle some of the heaviest rails north of the border. What is going to showcase the battle that filming a snowboard movie can be: sleeplessness, homelessness, injuries, encounters with the law—this is sure to be one of the dirtiest films of the year. Taking inspiration from skate movies and the many styles of its riders, What will be a blend of raw street snowboarding and clean, polished editing.

What/Brothers Factory

[10% Park, 60% Rails, 30% Backcountry]

Finger On Da Trigger
Riders: Lucas Magoon, Jonah Owen, Derek Dennison, Eric Messier, Jake Devine, Deadlung, Chris Bradshaw, Dave Munoa, Kyle Cartwright, and Tommi Ylianttila.
Filmers: Cole Taylor and Jeremy Miller.

The dudes at FODT have switched it up a little this year; don't expect to see the same Technine movie that you may have come accustomed to. Watch the teaser, and you'll see what all the hype is about. Coming off one of their best seasons yet, FODT has traveled around the globe to bring you some of the most progressive riding to date in their eighth season behind the lens. Rookie standout Jonah Owen leads the charge of a new breed of Technine riders. And look out for Magoon, Bradshaw, Deadlung and the rest of the Technine team to be dropping some serious hammers. Get ready to be shocked by the new format of Familia.


[10% Park, 90% Backcountry]
That's It, That's All

Brain Farm
Riders: Travis Rice, Nicolas Müller, Terje Håkonsen, Jeremy Jones, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Pat Moore, Scotty Lago, Bryan Iguchi, Jake Blauvelt, Danny Kass, Eddie Wall, and many more.
Filmers: Curt Morgan and Gabe Langlois.

Possibly the most hyped snowboard movie in history, this HD documentary- snowboard hybrid is shaping up to be one high def monster. Travis Rice has traveled the globe for the past two seasons filming for what is shaping up to be one of the most progressive snowboard videos ever. When asked what will really set That's It, That's All apart from other movies, the heads at Brain Farm had this to say: "This movie takes snowboarding visuals to the next level. It's snowboarding meets Planet Earth. This is hands down some of the best cinematography the snowboard industry will have ever seen. Mind bending! Pile on top of that, Travis Rice and friends progressing the sport with never-before-seen tricks and bringing the viewer along on their global adventures." Rumors have been floating around the office that Travis has every… well, just wait and see. When the best term to describe something is "mind bending," you know we're all in for a treat.

That’s It, That’s All/Brain Farm

[30% Park, 30% Rails, 40% Backcountry]
Teenage Love Graffiti
Riders: Erik Botner, Michi Zirngibl, André Kuhlmann, Christophe Schmidt, Torgeir Berre, Fredrik Evensen, Ethan Morgan, HC Bergheim, Joonas Mustonen, Peter König, Ludwig Lejkner, Tobi Strauss, René Schnöller, and Xaver Hoffmann.
Filmers: Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, and Felix Urbauer.

If you're tired of the old shot after shot, stock style of editing, you may want to take a look at Isenseven's newest project, Teenage Love Graffiti. When we asked the guys at Isenseven why consumers should buy their newest release, they told us, "To see something more entertaining than just shot after shot—a movie more like a movie, instead of just a random collection of snowboarding shots." Don't think that Teenage Love Graffiti is going be all smoke and mirrors though, there is going to be some unreal riding in this one. Check out the teaser and you'll see the next level shit these Euro dudes are up to. High quality riding meets incredible editing and design; Teenage Love Graffiti could be one of the most progressive films of the year.

Teenage Love Graffiti/Isenseven

[10 % Park, 10% Rails, 80% Backcountry]
My Own Two Feet
Leeward Cinema
Riders: Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Chad Otterstrom, Dave Downing, Erik Leines, Ben Lynch, Forrest Shearer, Thayne Mahler, Stacy Thomas, Tom Burt, Temple Cummins, Shayne Pospisil, Jimi Tomer, Jamie Anderson, Jim Zellers, Danny Garrity, Chris Demolski, and others.
Filmers: Chris Edmands, Kyle Schwartz, and Jason Hogan.

Showcasing all foot-accessed riding (yes, even the park stuff), My Own Two Feet adds adventure and environmental stewardship to the snowboard movie genre. The Leeward crew walked 1,200 miles and spent over 30 nights of camping to discover and shred spots in the California Sierras, which are closed to motorized vehicles. They forwent sleds, lifts, and gas in favor of human power and a little elbow grease—an exciting and refreshing change in today's age of development. Why hit the same old backcountry jumps when you can discover never before shredded terrain? This group of friends is doing their part to help the environment, and it shows us what you can find when you simply put one foot in front of the other.

My Own Two Feet/Leeward Cinema

[6% Park, 25.5% Rails, 25.25% Backcountry, 43.25% Other, 100% Ripping]
Stack Footy
Think Thank
Riders: Scott Stevens, Johnny Miller, Sean Genovese, Nick Visconti, Jesse Burtner, Ben Bogart, Chris Beresford, Mark Thompson, Gus Engle, Austin Hironaka, Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht, Pat Milbery, Bryce Lowell and Jed Hoffman.
Filmers: Ross Phillips, Justin Meyer, Mack Collins, C-Gare, Krush, Pika and Bro Cam.

Think Thank has been pushing the limits of snowboarding in directions that very few thought possible. Their unique and creative approach to snowboarding has attracted a large and devoted following inspired by truly original riding. "We are on the snowboarding trail of least resistance, riding on whatever may be in our path and using it to the furthest reaches of our imaginations," says co-founder Jesse Burtner, "I think if you watch this movie it will get you stoked to ride, be creative, and even use it as a blueprint for your own adventures." Look out for Scott Stevens' part, who according to Burtner, "almost stacked to death: his stuff is amazing." Don't skip over Nick Visconti's part either, who brought technique and originality to the screen this season, and as always, keep an eye out for Gus Engle, Sean Genovese, Johnny Miller, Mark Thompson, and Pat Milberry.

Stack Footy/Think Thank

[1% Park, 60% Rails, 39% Backcountry]
Guns Out
Variety Pack
Riders: Ben Hanisch, Sean Black, Trevor Rhoda, Alex Andrews, JP Tomich, Drew Fuller, Clint Allan, Mac Spedale, Cam Pierce, Max Honegger, David Kunz, Spencer Davis, Ted Borland, Matt Piasecki, Jonah Owen, and friends.
Filmers: Eddie Grams, Tyler McLeod, and friends.

Variety Pack's rookie release will showcase some of Utah's best riders, and is sure to please jib and backcountry enthusiasts alike. Utah locs Eddie Grams (formerly of Naptime Films) and Tyler McLeod combined their powers this year to create the infant film company, uniting two of Utah's largest local film crews from last season. This group of ams took full advantage of the near exodus of film crews from the Utah backcountry to get some hammers on their home turf. With one of the snowiest Utah seasons in recent years, you know there'll be plenty. When we asked Eddie how Gun's Out will stand out from the pack, he told us, "It displays a high level of street and backcountry riding with creativity that is also enjoyable to watch. There are some bigger names than others, but most of these kids will be pretty well known on a larger scale really soon." If you're into progressive, creative riding from new and/or underground faces, Guns Out should be worth a viewing or two or three …

Guns Out/Variety Pack

[15% Park, 25% Rails & Urban Jibs, 60% Backcountry]
Pirate Movie Production
Riders: Dan Brisse, Mike Casanova, Teo Konttinen, Björn Hartweger, Gigi Rüf, Lukas Golller, Marko Grilc, Hannes Metzler, Josh Sherman, David Benedek, Tyler Chorlton, TJ, Kalle Ohlson, Sani Alibabic, Hans Ahlund, Danny Larsen, Eirik Haugo, Osa, Emeric Front, Drew Fuller, Marco Feichtner, and Jocki Köffler.
Filmers: Flo Eckhardt, Justin Hare, Stephan "Bob" Schnappberger, Clement Mailet, Florian "Cepten" Bauer, and Justin Turkowski.

The Pirates went overseas to add to their already stellar crew of European riders. This season, North American standouts Mike Casanova and Dan Brisse joined the squad of swashbucklers led by Hans Ahlund and Marko Grilc. Look for banger parts from these guys, and don't sleep on Gigi Rüf's second part of the year, who to quote Pirate Editor Basti Balser, has the "iron legs of Austria," stomping tricks on impossibly flat landings. As you can see by the rider list, the Pirate crew is a diverse one—rail riders, jumpers, and backcountry guys all made their way into the lineup, which promises entertainment for every boarding enthusiast. OverSeas also comes with a 100 page art book, so you'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to add this to your wish list.

OverSeas/Pirate Movie Production

[15% Park, 30% Rails, 55% Backcountry]
All Day Everyday
Riders: Andrew Geeves, Rube Goldberg, Kevin Sansalone, Ryan Hall, Brendan Keenan, Rusty Ockenden, Andrew Hardingham, Max Ritchie, Steve Cartwright, Dwayne Wiebe, Nash Lajeunesse, Geoff Brown, Mikey Pederson, Ryan Tiene, Kevin Griffin, Logan Short, and Etienne Gilbert.
Filmers: Clayton Larsen, Ryan Sliziak, Aaron Maksymec, and Mike Fikowski.

Sandbox, following in the wake of the not-so-old Seymour Kids videos, has been producing quality shred flicks for the past three seasons. Offerings Flavor Country and Time Well Wasted put Sandbox on the map, and their fourth release promises to continue this growing legacy. "This movie has a good balance of all kinds of snowboarding from park and rails to some great backcountry, the music is good and the feeling of this film just makes you want to go riding," said Sandbox mastermind Kevin Sansalone. Add to all this a healthy mix of lifetime rippers and fresh up and comers and you've got the makings for an awesome video from start to finish.

All Day Everyday/Sandbox

[10% Park, 50% Rails, 40% Backcountry]
Snowworld Productions
Riders: Nicolas Droz, Aymeric Tonin, Arthur Girault, Pierre Rué, Paul Lambersens, Laurent Gougain, Max Delayen, and Caroline Béliard. Guest appearances by Mikey Leblanc, Corey Noble, Shin Campos and Romain Taillefer.
Filmers: Sébastien Raban, Simon Favier and Pierre Untas.

The best days snowboarding are the ones you share with your friends. Snowworld Productions set out with this in mind, gathering a group of homies to film for a season with one goal in mind: have fun. Nicolas Droz said of the Homies crew, "It’s just a group of friends traveling together to ride new spots and meet new people, basically what we all love about snowboarding." Snowworld didn't invest in any ridiculous Hollywood cameras or directors, they just documented a season of traveling, snowboarding, and having a good time with all the homies. Homies is going to come free with a handful of European snowboard publications, and available for download everywhere (still free) this winter. Watch this, gather your pals, and get to your local spot!

Homies/Snowworld Productions

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