After last years Nor’easter, everything finally came up sunshine and blue skies for the 2005 Burton U.S. Open. Jersey and New York sports fans had lots to cheer for, from Abe Teter and Keir Dillon’s monster amplitude, Antti Autti and Danny Kass’ back to back 1080’s, and Gretchen Bleilers frontside 9’s.

The girls took it to the next level in the pipe, Kelly Clark was looking like a strong contender, but decked out during semi-finals jarring her leg and taking her out of contention. After aggressively attacking the night rail jam the night before, Salomon’s Torah Bright tore into the Superpipe, starting her run with a solid held McTwist on the first hit and finishing-up with a cab 7, earning herself second place and another 5,000 bucks from Nintendo for the Best Trick. But this has, and continues to be, the winter of Gretchen—she’s back. Last years knee injury is long forgotten. After placing first in the X-Games, The Gravity Games, and now the U.S. Open, she dug into her run with a frontside 9, hauling ass into every combination of five: a stylish crippler, frontside, and then backside way out of the pipe. Gretchen took it with a solid margin.

The men’s Superpipe didn’t disappoint the crowd either—the bar was raised with 1080’s becoming totally mandatory. Antti Autti linked up a frontside 1080 tailgrab, to a cab 1080 nosegrab, to a cab 7, to a completely corked out frontside 900—it was a thing of beauty but it wasn’t enough to hold onto second place. On his final run, Steve Fisher jumped from third to second. Steve said, “I just spun my way down the pipe. I got to the bottom and I was still on my feet and I was just stoked. But it was Grenade’s Danny Kass who’s easy-style clinched an unprecedented fourth U.S. Open win. That’s right, since Burton first started the Open in 1982, no rider has ever won four times until Danny Kass threw down a series of 1080’s, cab sevens, Haakon flips, and the title clinching switch alley-oop rodeo making it look so effortless and inspiring the Jersey Girl next to me to holla’ “F—kin’ Awesome as he flew down the pipe. She was also screaming, “Shaun White over and over again, but he was glaringly absent; after tweaking his back in the Rail Jam the night before, he jumped on a flight back to the beach to heal up.

That’s what went down with the men and women, but I’m introducing a third category: Poachers. A steady stream of poachers alternately threw down some mean kickin’ chickens and the most monster airs of the day. Highlights included Scotty Lago boosting seven and nine’s and Abe Teeter trying to go into orbit. Poaching might just be one of the coolest features of the US Open Superpipe finals. If you missed it, it’ll be airing on NBC April 9th. Check it out for yourself.

Women’s Final Results:
1. Gretchen Bleiler
2. Torah Bright
3. Hannah Teter
4. Tricia Byrnes
5. Junko Asazuma
6. Elena Hight
7. Lindsey Jacobellis
8. Meg Pugh

Men’s Final Results:
1. Danny Kass
2. Steve Fisher
3. Antti Autti
4. Keir Dillon
5. Danny Davis
6. Risto Mattila
7. Pat Moore
8. Kevin Pearce
9. Ross Powers
10. Elijah Teter
11. Mason Aguirre
12. Guillaume Morriset
13. Giacomo Kratter
14. Joe Eddy
15. Shayne Pospisil
16. Abe Teter