With votes tallied and a consensus from the snowboard community gathered, snowboarding's celebration of riders and their pursuits enjoyed one last wild night in Las Vegas as the 10th Annual Rider's Poll embarked. A rich, brimmed gathering of everyone snowboard made this poll one of the best turnouts to date.

The show sparked up with a rolling slideshow of some of the year's best images and no shortage of beverages, while a cut of TransWorld's upcoming film project Get Real fired up the crowd and really got things rolling. MC Todd Richards took a hold of the stage and rightfully off-script led the show—and when Todd is on, no one is safe from insult or weird humor. Nor was the stage safe from Travis Rice's podium pillaging. Dude picked up four out of the five men's awards from his insane shred exploits. Rider, Video Part, Standout, and Readers' Choice of the year all went to Travis. That's it, but not all though.


The Rome gang (this time clothed as Hunter S. Thompson) stayed at bay while Marie-France Roy climbed the stage a couple times as well with awards for Video Part and Readers' Choice. Raewyn Reid picked up Rookie Of The Year for the ladies and delivered an acceptance speech from the road, while Jamie Anderson took the cake as Women's Rider Of The Year. Girl has been shredding tough for a while now.

With props out to Craig Kelly and George Dobis, Northwest shred pitbull Lucas Debari enjoyed the honor of Men's Rookie Of The Year for logging a heavy video part in TransWorld's These Days. With the awards coming to close, Jamie Lynn's band Kandi Coded let some rock and roll rumble followed by Tweakbird.
In a decade of acknowledging the way we slide on snow, we've witnessed pioneers accelerate the growth of snowboarding and batter down walls that limit it. From nominees and winners clasping the reigns of riding's future to everyone who snowboards, this show was for you.

Men's Rider Of The Year:
Travis Rice

Women's Rider Of The Year:
Jamie Anderson

Men's Rookie Of The Year:
Lucas Debari

Women's Rookie Of The Year:
Raewyn Reid

Men's Video Part Of The Year:
Travis Rice

Women's Video Part Of The Year:
Marie-France Roy

Men's Readers' Choice:
Travis Rice

Women's Readers' Choice:
Marie-France Roy

Standout Of The Year:
Travis Rice

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Check the Press Release here: rp-winners