That Tour: Day 4

That Tour: Day 4

We started out at Tactics boardshop, in Eugene Oregon, lurking around and relaxing for the better part of the morning. Injury seemed to be the running theme of the day as Kennedy was pretty laid up due to a broken toe he’d sustained while trying to find the bathroom in the dark of the previous night. Eddie and the Jakes went with one of the Tactics guys down to a nearby skatepark, and Jake Welch ended up dislocated his shoulder. Two down. They took Jake straight to ER where he promptly waited in excuciating pain for about an hour, before getting his shoulder popped back in.

Back at Tactics it was after 12, so drinks were flowing, and the BBQ was on fire. A good crowd showed up to meet the guys, get autographs, eat some food, drink some drinks, and load up on free schwag. Welch showed up an hour or so later, arm in sling, and in good spirits, to meet everyone and sign autographs himself—tough as nails that guy.

From Tactics we headed over to the University of Oregon for the on-campus premiere. The setup was legit, a real scholarly joint. Theater style seating, about 250-300 people bursting out the seems, a pull down screen, chalk boards and the whole nine. The crowd was loving it, I think the closer the tour gets to Canada, the louder they cheer for Devun.

A brand new board was handed out again for the stupidest human trick, there we’re all the belly rolls, and gross arm twisting moves, but the deck went to a kid trying his first backflip ever, so he claimed. In any event he went for a backie off a table and decked it straight to his face. Uhhhh, welcome to Forum, son.

Once that was all a wrap, we hot footed it about a mile and a half to the local afterparty at Goodtimes. We maxed out there for a hot minute, saw some crazy magic tricks performed by one of the kids that was at the show, and by 12 a.m. the road was calling.

Right now we’re at the University of Wahington is Seattle. The party is going down tonight at The War Room in Seattle. Doors at 8, movie at 9, drinks ’till dawn.

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