There in Government Camp, Oregon under the starry sky on a cool summer night Think Thank released it’s latest greatest snowboard video Thanks Brain!. Showing on the big screen at the bowls of High Cascade Snowboard Camp to a crowd of over 600. The air crackled with anticipation for another strange trip in to the brains of the Think Thank crew. Scott Stevens opens the video up with an intense barrage of jibs, jumps, flips, and dance moves that hits like a ton of bricks. A two-song part packed with bangers, hilarity and some sick skateboarding, the music could hardly be heard over the cheers.

From there on the movie commences as such, with sick part after sick part, everyone bringing their own style and innovative approach to riding a snowboard. Gus Engle and Johnny Miller show their own brand of progression with insane unstrap antics and new ways to ride everything from logs to park rails. After some solid jibbing and kicker parts the movie takes a shift to the mountain with the billy goats from Washington; Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht and Lucas Debari. These three thrash like bats expelled out of powder hell with only slashing and blasting on their minds.

The ender part goes to none other then the producer himself Jesse Burtner. And if you’ve been paying attention over the last 11 years you’ll know this is Jesse’s first ever ender part and very well deserved at that. The part builds with the song in to a fever pitch of one footers, kickers, rails, trees, and snowboard flips, featuring a backcountry one footed assault ending with a switch five one footer. It’s snowboard mania and Thanks Brain! is the how to manual. After it was all said and done High Cascade campers and boarders from all around went to the palmer snowfield the next day with a renewed stoke and creative energy to go rip the Mt. Hood slush like bats outta hell.