Ok I admit it, I was slacking and I missed the Seattle premiere of Thanks Brain! at Evo last week, but you can only be at one place at one time. And, I knew that the Tacoma premiere was the following weekend and it was teamed up with Absinthe’s new flick Optimistic, so all was not lost. We missed Burtner, the Spacecraft sticker release and the shenanigans that undoubtedly went down at Evo, but we caught both new films and checked in on the south Puget Sound.

The Tacoma release was held at the Blue Mouse Theater and was sponsored by longtime Tacoma boardshop Northwest Snowboards, a staple in the area for the past two decades. Owned by Joe Cummins, Northwest Snowboards puts on an annual film release to get the locals pumped for the new season. The 2007 premiere began with Optimistic opening in AK and Wolfgang Nyvelt conquering steeps followed by an epic bonk session where Nyvelt reverts on powder covered evergreens. Gigi Ruf, last years Pop star, disappears in a puff of powder and then outruns an avalanche as deep breaths and gasps filled the Tacoma theatre.

A bit of comedic relief was supplied by Mikey Leblanc who strapped a set of bindings to a toboggan and rode the thing better than most do a snowboard. Terje showed his range and hopped on a pair of XC skis and watched as MFM cruised the hill spraying cell phone talking skiers and gapers alike.

Thanks Brain followed and fans got to see some local talent as Austin Hironaka and Pat Milberry threw down at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Jesse Burtner proved that one foot is better than two as he took it to the banana board with a series of one-foot 3’s to end it.