Terje Haakonsen Breaks World Record Air

Posted March 03, 2007 by Nick Hamilton

Terje Haakonsen today broke the six year world record 9.3 meters held by Heikki Sorsa from the 2001 TAC right here in Oslo on the opposite side on the run in hill. What seemed like a slow starting cloudy day soon got fired up when Terje came out of the rider tent for practice amping to go. It was straight out of a movie script, Terje got warmed up as the milky clouds parted and as the sun finally shone on the quarter pipe Terje turned it up and went for the 10 meters. It turned into an over rotating backside air and into a backside 360 landing fakie from a record breaking 9.8 meters (32.1 feet high) straight up and down from the lip. Totally insane!



Terje Haakonsen. 2007. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton


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