Technine’s Livin’ Proof Premiers At ASR

The Tradeshow is fun for about one-hot minute. Well, make it an hour–cause it takes that long to fully appreciate the swimsuit models in the “surf” isle. After eye ballin’ the Reef girls for a while, the only real reason to stick around is for the premiers. There’s something about seeing a movie before the rest of the world does–you just can’t shake that VIP feeling.

Everyone was pretty hyped to check the new Finger On Da Trigger release, Livin’ Proof. We’d heard about Justin “Destroyer” Hebbel’s crazy rail maneuvers all season. In true grass-roots style, the event was held at a small bar in downtown San Diego. The hell with a big venue, projectors and so forth–this was on a more intimate level. Marco Frank and friend’s linked beats, while TechNine’s Ethan Fortier passed out free drink tickets.

It was a sloppy, sweaty affair. Cole Taylor and the F.OD.T. crew kept us hanging’–finally, late night, Livin? Proof played on two large screen TVs. As the drunken posse jockeyed for position, I snaked front row. Some quality shit popped off the screen, let me tell you–more rails than you can shake a stick at. Darrell Mathes has some real smooth steez, and loads of footage–looks like someone went to work last season. Young Justin Bennee layed rail after rail to waste. There was a lot of ill footage. But hands down, Justin Hebbel’s technical mastery of metal took the cake. All sorts of quality shredders like Marc Frank, J2, Ryan Thompson, Casey Nelson, and Corey Smith are in this flick. Thanks for the hangover, E-Stone!