Technical Difficulties Premiere at the Galaxy

Once again, Four Star Distribution throws a party. This time the main attraction was the premiere of Mack Dawg’s movie, Technical Difficulties. For a review of the movie, click here. So it all happened at The Galaxy Theater in Costa Mesa, Orange County California. The Galaxy Theater is a great venue, it has it all, a stage, dancefloor, table seating, mezzanine box seating perfect for movie viewing and, more bars than I could visit in one night.

This party was 18 and over. So if you were under 21 you had a huge black X on each of your hands. The ticket lines of OC groms, decked in their forum, special-blend, and foursquare gear in the hopes to win some more during the giveaway, started at 5:30 pm.

Before the Mack Dawg movie, a teaser for Lil Bastards was shown. Lil Bastards, presented by Iris Snow Goggles, is a snowboarding movie which took two years to make, has footage from 30 countries, cost $500,000 to produce, and two 3370mm IMAX cameras, starring the talents of Devun Walsh, Dionne Delesalle, Max Jenke, Chris Brown, JF Pelchat, Mikey LeBlanc, Nate Cole, Kale Stephens, Joel Mahaffey, Rob Dow, and Dave Cashen.

The teaser not only got the crowd stoked for the real deal, which will premiere in late September, but also was a perfect taste of what was to come next, the Mack diggity Dawg was definitely Technical and the crowd was richter. The oohs and aahhhs in response to the slides, drops, spins, and wrecks were from the heart, and the jonsing-to snowboard-feeling was in the air. The movie was a hit in OC.