Team Challenge: Dudes Baggin’ Mass Air And Stuff

Every year around this time an event takes place that is so amazing, so absolutely magnificent that only TransWorld could arrange it. I’m speaking, of course, of The Team Challenge. “What? A contest put on by TWS?” you ask. “There must have been an abundance of über pros, that of which the world has never seen,” you’re probably thinking. Well, my little goggle-tanned friend, you’re correct.

Twenty-one of the biggest teams in snowboarding converged on Northstar-At-Tahoe for three days of hot-doggin’ action. Each day consisted of a different event (park, pipe, jib), and while the action was fierce, the general atmosphere was mellow, since the judging was left up to the riders themselves. That’s right, come Friday night, all the riders were given ballots so that they could vote on each other. This kept our washed-up, has-been-never-was asses from giving the kid doin’ crossrockets “rider of the year” or some shit. Besides, jam-type formats are all the rage right now.

Here’s some of the dirt you might want to know about the weekend:

-Tyler Lepore is better than you when it comes to snowboarding on eight-foot plywood wall rides connected by a single chunk of coping.

-Chad Otterstrom is off the injured reserve and now on Academy snowboards and can still snowboard like a man possessed.

-The Rome team–by far had the creepiest outfits, think Clockwork Orange.

-When you put Gian Simmen in a halfpipe he rides it very, very good. Even in pitch black.

-Jason Wordal rode away from a trick on the funbox that I will never try.

-There was a game of PIG where teams had to pick the best single person on their roster for whatever trick we decided. If they couldn’t pull it in one try, they got a letter.

-One night there was a prom, which is awesome considering there were about six girls in the whole event. Party Time showed up from Portland and made everyone realize that their favorite band sucks in comparison.

-The Capita team all wore dresses on-hill the first day, as well as to the prom. Which made for some awkward apologies the following day.

-The water-tower jib looked fun but proved to be deadly.

For all the crap you really want to know about, you’ll have to keep an eye on the newsstand. Ahh, what the hell–this much couldn’t hurt …


Best Uniforms: Academy (Ski Patrollers)

Overall Team: Academy

Best Wallride: Tyler Lepore

Best Pipe Rider: Chad Otterstrom

Best Overall Rider: Chad Otterstrom

Best Funbox Trick: Jason Wordal