Tailside 270s Out with Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Turning Tailslide 270s Out

Learn to spin a 270 out of your tailslide with help from Jamie Anderson.

Turning your stock boardslide into a tailslide 270 out is easy like Sunday morning. You just have to put a few pieces together. If you can do boardslides and front threes, then you can do this trick. All you'll need is a little more lean, a good look back, and, as always, a healthy dose of commitment. Read up, burn these images into your brain, and then go turn 'em out.--L.G.

1. Before you go breakin' into tailslide two-sevens, you have to have boardslides and 360s on lock. Having both of these tricks in your bag will give you the know-how to put tailslide 270s together.

2. Approach the rail at a bit of an angle, on your heels and from the right if you ride regs or from the left if you're a goofy-footer.

3. Ollie up onto the rail as if you were going to do a boardslide, but drift it a little and lock into it with the rail under your back foot. Put your weight on your back foot and straighten your front leg.

4. When you get toward the end of the rail, start looking back uphill over your trailing shoulder. This will help you initiate the 270 out. Don't start rotating too early or else you'll end up coming off the rail too soon.

5. Pop off the end of the rail and continue rotating your upper body, which will bring your lower half around. Don't force it or you could end up wiggle-waggling out of it--just rotate slowly and smoothly and start looking for the landing.

6. Stomp it, square your shoulders up, and don't butter out--just ride straight away and onto the next jib.

"Before you try this on a rail, try jibbing around on the snow on your tail and practicing little 270s out, and then try it on a box just to get the hang of it. When you're ready, take it to a mellow rail."--Jamie Anderson


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